Kenyon Martin on LaVar Ball: There’s a better chance Lonzo plays in Lithuania than the Ball Brothers playing in the NBA

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Kenyon Martin joins Chris Broussard, Rob Parker, Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders to discuss LaVar Ball's threat to leave the Los Angeles Lakers if they don't sign LaMelo and LiAngelo.

- All right, so it's time for Lonzo to finally push back. We all agree, yes.

- Yeah, you're a grown man now. You paying bills.

- There you go.

- You should have been saying something, but I think it's too late. I think it's a downhill slope at this point. Dad does and says what he wants, and no one has corrected him or put him in his place yet, and it should of came from either his spouse or his. Son no one has done it yet. But he got a better chance getting Lonzo to go play over with them two. Maybe you've got to get them two in the league.

- Yeah, that's right.

- Better chance-- you want all of them to play together? Got a better chance of him going over there than them two being over here.

- Let me ask you this. If you were a teammate of Lonzo's, how would it impact you and affect guys not only getting tired of what his dad's saying, but even looking at Lonzo like, how you going to be our leader, our point guard, when you won't even say nothing to your dad.

- Yeah. Some locker rooms are different. Well, all locker rooms are different. These new locker rooms, they don't have a veteran. They don't have a guy that's been around, a guy that has kids at home, a guy who's not afraid to speak his mind. They don't have that. So you've got a 20-year-old looking up to a 21-year-old, a 21-year-old looking up to a 22-year-old. Where is it going to come from?

But if it's me, if it's my team, or if I'm in that locker room, well when it becomes, starts to become a problem, then yeah. At first you laugh, and joke how you-- your pop's crazy. Your pop's crazy. That's what it started off as. But now he's like, all right man, enough is enough. I'm saying like, it's time for somebody to speak up and they have nobody in their locker room that's going to do that.

- Kenyon, what would you say to Lonzo as a teammate?

- I'll pull him to the side. I won't do it in front of everybody. Listen, it's time for you pops to chill. He heard you. I'm saying like, it's not affecting us, it's affecting you. It's affecting you now and it's going to affect you in the future. Some teams might not want to deal with you because of your pops.

- So I was going to ask you that. With the Lakers, you're trying to attract big time free agents. I just can't see LeBron wanting to be a part of like, a circus where he's got to respond to your, to somebody's dad.

- I think if LeBron come, if he hypothetically, if he does come into the situation, he addresses that from the door, with management. If like, this is, if I'm coming here, you all have to do this in order for me-- I think that conversation needs to be had before any big time free agent was to think about coming here.

Listen, you all need to calm dude down. Like, this is what has to be. You've got to calm him down. Like, or we don't want to be a part of that. You know I'm saying? So it has to come from somebody, Magic, somebody in the organization, or Lonzo has to step up to his father like a man and have that conversation.

- You've got a, so you were just talking about your son. 6' 7". You feel like he can do any and everything, you're proud of your son.

- Yeah.

- Do you think that this is going to, that LaVar is going to be a trendsetter and we'll see other parenting antics like this, or people following suit?

- This probably has happened, but this day of social media, and everything the way media is now, it's right there for everybody to see. We've had dad's that's been outrageous with they kid in sports, at the football field, or baseball, all that's been going on, but now the platform is bigger now for him. No, for me, I sit back and let my-- it's about my kid. I'm not trying to live vicariously through my son. I made it.

And a lot of situations that he put his self and his kids in, people are looking at the fact that, well, maybe you weren't as successful in high school and college so now you're trying to live vicarious through these boys, and your voice is what you have. It wasn't your game. It's your son's game that should be the narrative in all this. And it's not. It's what you saying, what you doing, and all that.

But for me it's like, let the kids be kids. Let them grow up and become who they are going to become. You can't force them to be great if they are not going to be that. You know, Lanzo was fortunate enought that his game led him to be the second pick in the draft. And for the first two three months of the season, that's not what people was talking about. It was what your dad is doing, it's what your dad is doing, it's what your dad is doing, it's what your dad is doing. And it's only going to get worse if you don't nip it in the bud now.

- His-- can you see, you know, I know everybody says that Lonzo needs to step to his dad, but I just don't see that happening, because he's a domineering dad, Lonzo doesn't, even earlier this year, there was a time where Lonzo could have spoke up about Luke Walter when he ripped Luke Walter and said everybody quit on him, and Lonzo's response was I can't tell, he's a grown man. I can't tell him what to say.

- That's a kid, that's a kid, speaking about his father. That's a kid. He's a kid. He's 20 years old. He's a kid.

- But you sound-- I'm sure you are an authoritative father. But when your boy turns 20, and let's say he's not in college, he's on his own, whether it's in the NBA or whatever, but he's making money. You wouldn't be offended if he steps you like a man. Now he ain't going to get all in your face. But just like, dad--

- I teach them that now.

- --what you're saying it's not helping.

- Like I teach them that now. Add some stuff like, look, if you think I'm being like, at the games I'm boisterous with him. So I asked him, am I doing too much? Like am I-- he like no, you good. Like I act like I have that rapport. I asked my son, I'm teaching my son to be a young man, to speak up for himself. If it's me, whoever it is. Speak up for yourself. If you don't like something, speak up. Nobody going to know.

- You also have self awareness.

- Yeah, that is definitely, yeah.

- That is a huge part that's missing.

- Definitely is a huge part that's missing.

- What can Magic really do? I mean, you know, OK, he doesn't run Lonzo, I mean LaVar. LaVar doesn't work for him. You know what I mean? You can say whatever you want. And people tell the media that we shouldn't quote LaVar. That's, that's not our job. Our job is to report on stuff that happens and we're not the censor. You can't crush the messenger, you know what I mean? The message is out there. What can Magic and Rob Pelinka do to stop this?

- They can't stop him from saying, because it's free speech. But what you can do is ban him from coming around, come coming the games and all that. And that would affect it. And that would affect the son's play. Aw, my dad can't come see me play because of what he's doing. You know what I'm saying? So therefore you would have that, then you would have to have that conversation. If they banned him from the practice facility, from the Staples Center, you know, you can't come here. You're a problem.

- So are you are you cutting ties with Lonzo? Because we had this discussion earlier, is Lonzo tradeable? If these antics and his dad continues to be as turbulent from an outsider's perspective?

- Tradeable? Probably not. Not resignable? Definitely a great possibility. Know what I'm saying? Like, people--

- So you're saying no other teams--

- They ain't going to want to put up with that. Especially if it's not nipped in the bud here. And this is a historic franchise. You got Magic. I'm like, this is guys, like people who are in place who've been successful. If they can't nip it in the bud, why would we subject ourself to that? And I'm not going to subject my-- you call me crazy. Like if I bring that in and it's still going this way. Like no, like somebody's going to lose their job if you bring him in and it continues. I can't see another team taking that on.