DeSean Jackson talks about his issues with former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly

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Tampa Bay WR DeSean Jackson joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss his issues with former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and being released from the Philadelphia Eagles.

- But you did have some bad feelings about how you parted ways with that organization, Chip Kelly. It looked like they were trying to discredit you on the way out, as they shoved you out the back door.

- Yeah.

- Now that your emotions have settled on all that, how does it leave you feeling about Chip Kelly and the way it ended in Philadelphia?

- Oh man, I think everyone close to me knows how I feel about Chip Kelly. I don't respect the way he did things. As a person, I don't really like him.

But you know, he had to do what he had to do. That was his job. You know, moving forward in my life and in my career, I just have a bad taste in my mouth towards him.

I like what he did on the field, as far in 2013, his style of play, and how he had us moving around, running fast, and all that. But once the end of the season came, and the way he did things, I mean, I don't feel that, as a man, he was real with me.

He didn't tell me like, you know, this is what it was, or this is what we're going to do, moving forward. You know, it was just, I looked up, and I was cut.

- You think he had something to do with the report that was released that was negative about you?

- Possibility. You know, when you're figuring out a way to get rid of one of your best deep threats on your team, I mean, you have to kind of make up a story, or you've got to-- it can't just be, we're releasing our best receiver just for no reason.

So I felt like them digging a story up-- I mean, the story happened like four years ago. And it was a close friend and I grew up with that, you know, had some issues. But you know, that's a guy that I grew up with that had a issue, and you know, I'm not supposed to turn my back on him. You know, he ended up beating the case and everything.

So it was just a lot of nonsense that was around. I've never been in trouble, never been a felon. So all the stuff you're making up, I mean-- the way I grew up, you going fault me for the way I grew up?

- Even if he didn't have anything to do with the information coming out, you felt he should have supported you.

- Yeah, for sure. I mean, or if not support me, at least come tell me why, you know. Have a conversation, call me, pick up the phone.

I mean, throughout the season, if you had a play or you seen a scheme, you going to call me and bring me in your office and tell me, look, I think you could do good on is down the field. You know, we have Foles. He has a big arm.

You know, you're going to holler at me if it's a player or it's a scheme, but if it's a real life situation, the way I was raised, or how I grew up, or who's my friend, you can't come to tell me, this is a problem in our organization, or this is why we feel like we need to move forward.

You don't even come tell me that. So I just felt that was very personal for me, and I couldn't respect it.

- So the perception at the time was that Chip Kelly was trying to get rid of all the outspoken black stars, you, and LeSean, and Maclin, and others, but starting with you and LeSean. As you look back now--

SHANNON SHARPE: But kept Riley Cooper.

- Kept Riley Cooper. Don't get me started on that, you know. Do you look back and say truth to that?

- I look back and say what we created in Philly around them times, I think we had a great team. We built a great camaraderie. You know, McCoy, me and him still talk to this day.

It was a bitter taste in our mouth, because we felt what we created there, back in the young days-- I mean, the Philadelphia Eagles back then with me, McCoy, Vick, Maclin, I mean, we had some dangerous weapons. And we felt like if we was to continue to be the there, I mean, we would have been enjoying that parade with them guys.

But I mean, like I said, it's not a bitter taste. You know, you move on, things happen in life.

- So no racial undertones.

- No, no, no. I'm never that type of guy. Like I said, just personally, how I feel about him, I don't respect him. And you know, I can move forward. I ain't got to deal with him ever in my life, but what he did, I just don't respect him for it.