Skip Bayless on why LeBron to Golden State makes sense if he hopes to catch Michael Jordan

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Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Jenny Taft why LeBron James joining the Golden State Warriors gives him an opportunity to win more championships and that puts him closer to Michael Jordan's records.

SKIP BAYLESS: So, I remind you that last week Chris Broussard was sitting right here. And I brought this possibility up to you both.


SKIP BAYLESS: And you were both taken aback by it for a moment. And you immediately said, if I'm quoting you correctly, no way the commissioner would allow this to happen.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's exactly what I said.

SKIP BAYLESS: And yet, as laid out by, you can see how this would actually fit under the cap as a sign and trade. The trades would have to be Klay and Iguodala--

SHANNON SHARPE: Because the salary would have to match.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK. And Kevin Durant would have to opt out of his current contract and then re-sign at less money and take another one for the team. Would he do that? That's debatable.

But if you did that, and you'd have to renounce Shaun Livingston, and then you'd have to fill the bench with minimum salary players. But it's doable under the soft cap as opposed to the hard NFL cap. But the soft cap of the NBA will allow this to happen. So I don't think the commissioner can put the kibosh on this one because it's just-- it's business.

SHANNON SHARPE: David Stern wouldn't let Chris Paul go join [INAUDIBLE] Kobe.

SKIP BAYLESS: I still don't understand that one, but I don't know what happened behind the scenes on that one. But this is up front, under the cap. This will work. And is quoting sources around the league, who are all sitting back saying, ah-hah, this is looming, this has got real possibilities here.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, there wouldn't even be-- Going 79 and 3, going 77 and 5.

SKIP BAYLESS: You said that last week. And then Chris Broussard said to me, you would kill LeBron for doing that. And honestly, I would not.

Trust me on this. You can check the tape. I did not kill LeBron for taking his talents to South Beach when he left Cleveland the first time to join forces with, obviously, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

SHANNON SHARPE: You killed him more for going back to Cleveland.

SKIP BAYLESS: I did, actually. I did because I couldn't believe, after the bridge got burned by Dan Gilbert, you'd joined forces with him? You'd try to peacefully co-exist with that guy, who betrayed you completely because he thought you betrayed him?

And now look what's happened. It's predictable. It went right back to where it was the first time.

So, the reason I wouldn't quote unquote kill LeBron for this is he's chasing that ghost in Chicago, Michael Jeffrey Jordan. And in the end, it's like KD. I did not kill KD for leaving Russell Westbrook in his 10th season to go join forces with those guys out there on the West Coast and Golden State because all Kevin was thinking is, I haven't won a single championship.

Guess what? He has now. And he's won a finals MVP.

And when all is said and done, and the smoke clears, and the years start to pass, you look back on Kevin Durant's career and you just say, oh, rings. And you don't really think about how he won the rings, you just think about that he did win the ring.

Well so, if Lebron-- let's do the hypothetical. If he joins forces then with Steph and KD-- there would be no Klay, but there would probably be a Draymond-- so those three, OK, good, I got that. But when the smoke clears on Lebron's career, what if he added, dare I say, three more rings, even two more rings and, say, three final appearances?

Who knows what could happen. But all of a sudden, you'd be getting up in rare air.