Shannon Sharpe reacts to Kevin Durant’s 20K point milestone

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In a discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant becoming the 2nd youngest player to score 20K points last night versus the Los Angeles Clippers. Plus, Shannon explains why he believes Cleveland superstar LeBron James will still end up as the NBA All-Time leading scorer.

- And who will score more career points, LeBron or Durant?

- First of all, I don't know what KD talking about. I love it when people stand up and cheer me. I don't care who all in the room. Stand up and cheer. Let them know.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, we know that.

- Yeah, we already know who's going to score the most points, too, don't we, Skip Bayless? LeBron James will end his career with more points than Kevin Durant. Now, run tell that.

- Mm.

- Everybody--

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, you just did. Go ahead.

- I sure did. And I want you to try to refute this. People-- we don't look at LeBron as a scorer because he does so many other things well. LeBron James, for his 15 year career, is averaging 27.1 points per game. Kevin Durant, for his 11 year career, is averaging 27.2 points a game. Now, LeBron came straight from high school--

- He did.

- --straight to the NBA.

- Yep.

- Kevin Durant is a year behind him.

- Correct.

- He's also a year behind him in age as far reaching 20,000 points. Skip, but here's what's going to get you. Kevin Durant has missed more games in the last 3 and 1/2 seasons than LeBron James has missed in his 15 year career. So moving forward, now, Kevin Durant just passed 20,000. LeBron James is at over 30,000-- I mean, he's right at, he was going to be-- I think he's at 29,876. So with the next four or five games, he's going to be over 30, over 30,000. I believe that somewhere he'll be finishing this season probably around 30,500, 30,700.

- OK.

- Moving forward, I just believe what Bron has shown me-- knock on wood-- that he's going to stay healthy.


- And he will be able to average, let's say he dips. Now, he's been averaging 26 points in his return to Cleveland. Let's just say he stays on that clip. Within 4 and 1/2 years, he'll pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, his 38,000, I think three something. LeBron James, when he's said, when it's said and done, will probably be over 40,000 points.

- You really think he's going to pass Kareem? I can't--

- No, I don't think, I don't think, Skip. They don't pay me to sit up here and think. They pay me to know. I know for a fact.

- Well, sometimes they pay you to be wrong.

- No, I ain't wrong.

- Yeah?

- I told you the Cowboys wouldn't make it to playoff this year.

- There is--

JOY TAYLOR: It's 38,387.

- OK.

- There's no way he's going to catch and pass Kareem. That's just beyond. That's 38,387 points.

- All I'm saying, Skip, I'm saying--

- He's 10,000 points behind.

- No-- who's your math teacher?

- Huh?

- He's at 29,876.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, so 9,000. Right?

- And he's still playing. Has he shown-- Skip, I'm saying, if he just averages 24,000-- I mean, not 24, 25 points a game. That's two points off his average. I'm saying, if he just averages that-- now, he's averaging 27 this year, Joy. You know, I'm saying he's averaging like 26 since he's been back. Skip, it's going to happen.

Now, are you banking that Kevin Durant-- now, we've seen these nicky-nack injuries. He had a knee problem last year, missed a bunch of game. Remember, he missed 55 games with that foot injury. He had a calf strain. Now, this what we know about big guys, especially seven foot tall, big guys.


- Normally when they have feet, knee, and ankle problems early in their career, that also plagues them late in their career. And LeBron is such an efficient scorer, Skip. Oh, and Kevin Durant now, if he spends the bulk of his career with Steph Curry--


- --with Steph in the lineup, he's 16 shots a game. Without Steph, he's 20 shots. So the question is, how-- is he going to stay with Steph for the rest of his career? What are they going to do about Klay? Because Klay going get some of them shots too.


- So with that being said, Skip, and LeBron's durability and the efficiency in which he scores, I believe LeBron James will finish his career with more career points than Kevin Durant and LeBron James will be the all-time score leader in the NBA. He will also be top 10 in assists. Probably going to be top 15 in rebounding. Who can say that besides him, Skip?

- Well, he's not better than Michael Jordan.

- And we're not talking about Michael. Don't do that.

- I know, but that's were you were trying to go.

- I ain't trying to go nowhere.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, you were. It was--

- I'm trying to stay right here with you and bust you up again.

- You were saying it between the lines.