Shannon Sharpe: “The problem I have is LaVar lied on national TV. “

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe explains his issue with LaVar Ball's comments on Los Angeles Lakers coach, Luke Walton.

- Is LaVar out of line for these latest comments?

- Of course. He's absolutely out of line. The problem that I have is that he lied on national television. He sat right in that chair over there, Skip, and says, going to the Lakers? My son goes to the Lakers, I'm-- he's done with it. I've done him. I brought him this far. He's going to the Lakers, Magic Johnson?


- The greatest point guard ever live? What can I teach you?


- My job is done. They take Zo over. He can't keep his mouth shut.

Just like the article said-- I don't know if it was "Sports Illustrated," but what the coach said, he would tell the players one thing and LaVar Ball would go right behind his back and tell them to do something else. Oh, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that.

Now you're getting an opportunity to see who and what LaVar Ball-- two things can be true. I support LaVar Ball, his ability to try to be an entrepreneur. He wanted to do his thing with the shoe game.

He didn't get the [AUDIO OUT]

So it's like, you know what? I'm going to build my own shoe. Hey, I'm jumping on both feet, Skip.

Let me get me a pair of those things. When they get here? OK, fine.

I'm good with it. But you're going too far. And I've said this several, several times. I played professional sports for 14 years.


- Skip, when a parent, a family member, a significant other, or someone close to said player says something, people assume, be it fair or unfair, especially those that's in the locker room that is coming from said player that's in that locker room. It's going to cause a problem. And he doesn't get it.

This is not about no-- how does what he's-- how does what-- what he's saying make Lonzo better? You can't talk your son into being a better player. He's going to be what he's going to be. Now you can get all these likes and mentions and all that other stuff and a lot of people love what you're doing, LaVar.


- But there's a problem with it and you just don't seem to see it. Now, it was reported that the boys were supposed to go to-- with the team this weekend. The team wouldn't allow cameras.

The boys didn't show up. Now I said as soon as this Facebook thing is wrapped, the boy is going to be back here in the States. I'm a stand by that.

Skip, I don't get this. He's-- he's turning Lonzo-- now maybe-- maybe there's some truth to it. Maybe there's not. But what do you think the players-- they looking at Lonzo, like, man, I can't tell you anything.

- That is correct.

- We just got rid of a guy that couldn't keep his mouth shut. He in Brooklyn now.


- And this is the same thing with you. Your father keep yacking and yacking and yacking. It's always somebody else's responsibility. Now he didn't have a problem-- see, what you're starting to see, as long as things are going Lonzo Ball and his son's way, you will not hear a word from LaVar.


- But the moment it does not go in his favor, Coach say, nah, Melo ain't shooting 50 times. OK, come on home, son-- home school. You go to-- you go to China, you steal something? You're going to be suspended indefinitely-- heard Gelo on television.

Well, they could have given me some, you know, determination of how long the suspension was going to be. Well, you suspended until we tell you you can come back. You should've thought about that before you tried to take something that didn't belong to you.

Well, you not tried to. You accomplished what you did. But Skip, we just had, what was it, two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago that they had a conversation with Lonzo.

I mean, LaVar, he said it. Yeah, they talked to me, but I'm a do what I want to do. I'm a say what I want to see. At some point in time-- this is not going to end well, Skip, because do you believe Lonzo ball will be as good as Boogie Cousins? Because Sacramento got rid of Boogie Cousins and Boogie Cousins right now is 24 and 14.


- So at some point in time, this distraction--


- --that's outside of the locker room become so much of a nuisance. Let somebody else deal with it. But I'm trying to figure out who wants to deal with it, Skip, because we're talking about it not only because-- it's mainly because it's the Lakers and because of his son. And LaVar wants to live his life through his sons because his sporting career did not turn out like he wanted it to.


- Don't give me this bull jive-- he's so proud of his son. Hell, 98%, 99% of the parents are proud of their kids. But they don't carry on like this.


- This is unacceptable behavior. I don't care if he builds a $10 billion shoe brand. The way he's carrying on, the way he's acting, is unacceptable.