Shannon Sharpe reacts to LaVar blaming the Lakers’ struggles on Luke Walton benching Lonzo

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Shannon talks LaVar blaming the LAL's losses on Luke Walton.

- Luke Walton checked him in at 4:51 in the ballgame. Joy, the score was 98-98. Trey buckets-- it's 100 to 100. Guess what the final score was, Joy? 115 to 100-- Lonzo Ball was a plus-minus of minus 15 in the fourth quarter alone. But somehow Lavar Ball wants his son to play more.

See, unlike you, LaVar, Luke Walton's job is not to hype your son. Luke Walton's job is to try to coach this basketball team, and put the best players on the floor at a given time that gives them the best chance to win. And see what LaVar hasn't figured out yet, Skip-- you can talk your way into endorsements. You can become a pitch man for a sneaker company. You can sell cars. You can sell beverages. You can't talk yourself into playing good ball on that court.

And that's what LaVar thinks he can do. Oh, they just listen to me. That's the problem. They are not listening to you. So that's why it's great for them.

If they listen to you-- you know, he reminds me of somebody else I know, Skip. I'm not going to say the guy's name. But you know, every time, when something goes wrong, it's always somebody else's fault. Joy, you know who I'm talking about.

But especially about this, Joy-- I didn't like a call from the ref. Guess what I do, Skip. Take my boy off the court. I didn't like that UCLA was going to punish my son for something that he stole. I take my son out of school. You see what we see here, Skip? It's always someone else's fault except his son.

Now, let's just say for the sake of argument, Skip, that what LaVar said is true-- that Lonzo told him that he's disgusted with losing. Do you think Lonzo wanted his dad to go tell that to the media? Lonzo is figuring out for himself, if there's something I've got on my mind, I've got on my chest, I need to keep that between me. Because if I tell it to my dad, it's going to go to the media.

So now, guess what's happening. They're looking at him sideways. Oh, you tell your dad everything. Yeah, we thought you was soft. Yeah. You're validating everything that we thought. You soft. LaVar Ball is going to be a problem, Skip Bayless.