Skip Bayless believe the Celtics will beat LeBron’s Cavaliers in a 7-game series, here’s why

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Reflecting on Boston's 16th straight win in their OT victory over the Dallas Mavericks, Skip Bayless discusses with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he believe the Celtics will beat LeBron James' Cavaliers in a 7-game series.

- The more I watch these Boston Celtics, the more I believe they can beat Cleveland in a seven-game series, because they are still number one overall in defensive efficiency, and Cleveland is still dead last, 30th and last, in defensive efficiency. And Kyrie is still one of the top individual defenders. He's ranked sixth individually in the NBA. And the top 10 is littered with Boston Celtics as individual defenders, because they can flat out defend.

And you were fortunate we did not have a show last Friday, because last Thursday night, I sat here and told you on Thursday that I believe this Boston Celtics team could hold the Golden State Warriors-- again, the game was at Boston-- under 100 points, and I was dead wrong about that. They held Golden State under 90 points. They beat-- I didn't even think they could beat them. I said they'd cover the spread of seven points. They beat them 92-88. Think about that. That was staggering. It is astonishing to me what they're pulling off so far.

And I looked down the schedule. They're going to be favored to win their next eight games. I don't know if they will, but they're going to have a really good chance to win eight more before they go to San Antonio on December the 8th. They could have a 24-game winning streak, which would be the fourth longest in NBA history. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.