Shannon Sharpe breaks down Russell Wilson’s wild play against the Cardinals: ‘That was all luck!’

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Reacting to Russell Wilson's incredible 'off-script' play in Seattle's victory over the Arizona Cardinals, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless why plays like these, though lucky, are a necessity for the Seahawk's continued success.

- How much of this play was luck and how much of it was Russell just being good?

- Skip, Amundsen said victory awaits the man who has everything in order. Luck, some call it. This was a luck ass play.

- Who said that?

- Amundsen.

- Amundsen? Who is Amundsen? Didn't he used to play for the--

- No, he did not. This was luck skill, baby, because you don't practice. First of all--

- Are you doing 100% luck?

- 1000% luck.

- 1000%?

- First of all, Skip, if you look at it, Doug Baldwin started at the line of scrimmage. He was blocking.

- He was blocking the whole play.

- So what you mean, covering one on one? He wasn't even supposed to be out on the pass play. He saw you in trouble, he came back, you rolled around. So let me get this right. You got a play in your playbook. Doug, you block, I'm going to roll out, try to find somebody down the field. OK, it's not there. Chandler Jones is going to come in.

I'm going to pump fake, because here come Tyrann Mathieu, the honey badger. I got to get him up. I'm going to spin again, and then, Doug Baldwin, you're going to rotate, go down the field. I'm going to throw you the ball. Bethea, who's covering you at the time, is going to fall down. You're going to catch it and run 54 yards for a touchdown. Oh, nobody can cover Doug Baldwin one on one.

- He didn't quite make the touchdown, but it was close. He set up the touchdown.

- But Skip, ain't going to talk about nobody can cover Doug Baldwin one on one. Nobody was covering him, because he was blocking. Doug Baldwin. He wasn't blocking at the line of scrimmage, so no one should have been covering him. He saw you in trouble, scrambling around, but too many times, Skip, if you look at the Seattle's offense, it's been plays like this is how they scored.

- That is correct.

- It's Russell Wilson--

- This is how they do it.

- It's Russell Wilson off script. That's what makes them dangerous, because you don't necessarily have to call a play in order for something good to happen with him. And that's what we saw yesterday, last night, and what we've seen a lot this year. A lot of the good things that's happened to their offense is because of improvisation by that young man.

Skip, this was luck. I mean, you don't practice this. Now the throw that Aaron Rogers made in the divisional game, you practice that throw. Sideline, we're going to dash right, scramble drills, you practice that. Hail Mary, you practice that. You do not practice a guy blocking, quarterback spinning around, pirouetting, falling off his back foot, throws the ball, the guy falls down and he races 50 plus yards to set up a touchdown. No, all luck. 1000%.