LeBron James Flies Home from First Lakers Game in Helicopter

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TMZ Sports has footage of LeBron James flying home after his first preseason game with the Los Angeles Lakers.

- All right, moving on to LeBron James, who is biting a move from Kobe Bryant. He's now a Laker. And Kobe Bryant, one of the most famous--

- Second move that he bought.

- What was the other move that he bought?

- Coming to the Lakers!

- Yes, that's true. Well, Kobe was drafted by the Lakers. This is different.

- No.

- He was traded to the Lakers.

- He was traded to the Lakers. He wasn't drafted to the Lakers.

- Oh, you're right.

- He forced his way to the Lakers. Boom, one for Vanny!

- OK, all right. I'm losing right now. Here's the deal.

- One for Vanny!

- Good. Kobe Bryant famously would take a helicopter from his home in Orange County to Los Angeles to play in games, because he hated traffic. And this was a way for him, because he was so wealthy, that he could just get in the chopper and go back and forth from the OC to Los Angeles without having to drive. So fast forward to LeBron James, who played his first game as a Laker over the weekend.

The game was in San Diego. LeBron has a home in Los Angeles. And he thought to himself, I don't want to get on the 405. It sucks. I don't want to have to drive all the way up from San Diego to LA in traffic on a Sunday night. No one wants that. So he pulled a Kobe and got himself a helicopter of his own.

Here he is getting into the chopper, which is in San Diego. You can see the tail number on that thing. Oh, that's a nice looking chopper by the way. And he gets in, and he just flies all the way back from San Diego to Los Angeles. What a pimp move.

VAN: Very, very pimp, man. Listen, who wants to deal with traffic up and down the 5?

EVAN: No one does.


VAN: No one wants to deal with traffic up and down the 5 or the 405, if you have to take it. You get back there, you go to LA. You land at Santa Monica, and then Brentwood's right there.

- Yeah. So I just got a carpool lane sticker for my car, because it's an electric car, right? And so I get to drive in the carpool lane even when there's not people in my car. And it's made me so happy. I kind of feel a little bit of what LeBron's feeling.

- Let's be real. that carpool lane is just as slow, 99% of the time [INAUDIBLE] lane.

EVAN: No, man, it saves me like a good five minutes. Now, I'm not like getting in a chopper and flying over it.

BABCOCK: Look at it.

EVAN: It's awful.

BABCOCK: The carpool lane is the one on the left, for you guys at home who don't live in LA.

- By the way, the new thing that's happening on the 405 in Los Angeles every time I drive home, everyone's getting high in their cars, everyone.

- Really?

- I've seen it.

- I turn around, and I see people hitting their weed pens--

- Smoking that tweed, yeah.

- --when they're driving. And I just think to myself, good lord, everyone on the freeway is high.

- Is that illegal? Like, it's legal recreationally here, but can you-- you can't smoke in the car, can you?

- No!

- No, you can't do that.

- What are you talking about, Babcock?

- But it's happening.

- Why don't you say something smart?

- It is happening. I guarantee, if you're watching this, and you have ever driven on the 405 for the last six months, you've probably seen giant puffs of marijuana smoke coming out of someone's car.

- Mm.

- I'm telling you, all of California's driving high now. It's weird.

- It's weird stuff, brother. I've seen it.

- Yeah, I know.

- Mm-hm.