Doug Gottlieb knows how true Lakers fans feel about LeBron coming to L.A.

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Doug Gottlieb talks NBA on today's show. Hear what he had to say about LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday.

- There's been talk of this struggle that some Laker fans have. And this is the hard part about being a fan. It's like, wait. Wait, I'm supposed to-- I'm supposed to be a LeBron fan now because he plays for us when I didn't like LeBron before? I've stated this time and again. One of the true crimes in the NFL is we haven't had Rodgers versus Brady. I know they don't actually match up against one another. But wouldn't you like to see Rodgers-Brady?

It's one of the great things about boxing whenever they get their stuff together. Granted, we didn't see Pacquiao-Mayweather until Pacquiao was well past his prime. It's one of the great things about tennis is that organically, we do see the best Federer and Nedal. Amazing, right? Djokovic-Federer, Djokovic-Nadal-- amazing. It's like a boxing match, only with tennis rackets and a ball, basically playing in a country club setting. But nonetheless, we never got Phil and Tiger paired together, although Phil and Tiger are going to play that made-for-TV event-- what, around Thanksgiving?

So there are things-- we never got Kobe versus LeBron. We didn't. And Kobe was-- hey, he's our guy. Shaq-- they sent Shaq away. And Kobe, after wanting to be traded away, turns it around, wins two championships. And even though it was ending poorly because of injuries and a terrible contract and mismanagement, and partially because Kobe didn't have it anymore, and he wasn't seen as a guy that other people, at that point in his career, wanted to play with-- it ended terribly. His last season, he had the lowest effective field goal percentage in the league for a starter. This is Kobe Bryant, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, one of the all-time great players. And yet 60 points, Mamba out. Perfect moment to end an incredible career, which he only played for one team.

Now LeBron comes to town. And I guess because there's a mural that was painted, and then painted over, and then defaced several times over, there's this thought that Laker fans are really struggling. I can't believe LeBron is a Laker. Was this yesterday on Rich Eisen, "The Rich Eisen Show?" The first thing is-- and I really believe this. I really believe. I live in Southern California. I don't know anyone who's not fired up about LeBron James coming to LA. These people don't actually exist.

And you're like, well, I saw it on a mural. There's plenty of murals that are defaced in Los Angeles. You know? Painting over graffiti with graffiti is kind of a thing, which I hate. I'm not a tagger guy. What is a tagger? Tagger is-- you're defacing somebody's property. And I actually thought it was a really cool-- but who does that? This is like hater nation, some loser.

But 99% of real human beings, Laker fans or otherwise in the City of Angels, and even outside of the basin, are fired up. Because the Lakers' last five years has been the worst five-year stretch in their history, so of course they're excited.