Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey talks offseason moves

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Houston Rockets Gm Daryl Morey joins Colin Cowherd to discuss Trevor Ariza's departure and other offseason moves.

- Because of the salary cap, you have a player like Trevor Ariza. He's part of your winning culture. And then there is a losing organization that offers him a lot of money. Do you sit him down? What's the pep talk? Those are very painful losses. I think he's one of those nuanced players that has real value, especially against a long capable scoring team on the wing like Golden State.

You know is there a sales pitch? Like, hey man, you're gone from a winning culture to that culture. Was that especially painful?

- Yeah. Trevor's been such a big part of what we've done. And he's had multiple stents at Houston. And really a beloved player and was fantastic for us. You know my job is to basically fit and create a championship contender within the box that the CBA gives us.

So it's a pretty straightforward conversation. I spoke to Trevor two days ago. He has no ill feelings towards Houston. So wish him luck in Phoenix. But my job is to fit a great team within a box the collective bargaining agreement gives me. Sometimes you know a guy gets a huge offer, and you have to move on from that. And my job is to find new players that are going to come in and hopefully give us as much, if not more, than what Trevor gave us.

And we feel like James Ennis coming in is someone that can really add a lot. We really like the upside of Michael Carter Williams. Obviously, we're trying to take smart risk to close this gap with Golden State. And we feel like Ennis and Michael Carter-Williams do that. And we do have, obviously, a heavily rumored move potentially coming up that we feel good about if that works out.