Colin Cowherd shares the reasons why player mobility has improved the NBA

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Colin Cowherd talks NBA. Hear why he thinks NBA super teams have been great for the league and the NFL should take notice.

- It's funny about technology-- iPhones, primarily. They're rewiring our brains. We know this to be true. They've done studies on this.

They certainly rewired mine. I'm not going to speak for anybody else. But I am less patient than I've ever been.

Generally, when you're a kid, you're impatient. You get older, you get more patient. No, no. That's not the way it's worked. Because I get anything I want-- I can order my food, I can get new information, I can order my movie ticket. I get everything off my phone.

And by the way, I get it on my terms. I don't even now have-- I can binge watch TV shows now. I'll watch them on my terms. I'll watch nine straight shows in a row, video on demand. I don't have to wait for a network to give me a show. I'll go watch my own shows when I want to watch them!

I'll get pizza delivered when I want it delivered on my phone. That's what this is doing to our brains. It's rewiring them. And it's making us all impatient.

God, you drive down the road and the phone people are on their phones in their cars. They're not talking to people. They're looking for new information.

So Steph Curry yesterday-- the NBA really understands this. We have changed as people. We continue to change as people. We want new stuff, new information, new games, new stars, moving places-- mobility.

You all thought it was going to wreck the league. No, KG to the Celtics, LeBron in Miami, LeBron to Cleveland, Boogie to the Warriors, Chris Paul to Houston, LeBron to the Lakers, Kyrie to the Celtics. It is not killing the league. The opposite is happening. It is elevating the league.

This year, highest ratings in the conference finals since 1979. Since 1979. The NFL wants to own players and restrict players, and quarterbacks can't move, and I can franchise players. The NBA is willing to allow its superstars to move. And it pays back twofold.

I'm old enough to have been in more than one marriage and more than one relationship. Here's some advice. Empower your partner. You'll get it back tenfold.

Don't suppress people. Allow them the mobility to make choices. And they will reward you.

Players are making owners richer by moving, not poorer. Valuations on franchises have doubled in six years. It used to be, you bought a team, waited 30 years, sold it, and made some cash.

You're seeing franchises, now, in the last six, seven years, double, especially ones with stars who have moved teams. How is the NFL, right now, not watching the NBA and going, they've stolen July from us? It used to be, July, we got into football talk. I'm leading my show with NBA again.

Oh, by the way, occasionally, quarterbacks do move. Brett Favre to the Vikings-- utterly fascinating for two years. Peyton Manning to Denver-- the talk of the league.

If the NFL owners would empower some of their stars to leave-- Colin, what about the small markets? Oh, fear mongering, here we go.

By the way, did Paul George choose a big market or Oklahoma City? Is Russell Westbrook in a big market or Oklahoma City? Is Giannis in a big market or is he in Milwaukee and told me two weeks ago, I'm never leaving Milwaukee? Is Kawhi in New York? No, no.

You want to know who's dying in the NBA? New York, Chicago-- for the last five years, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta-- big markets. Philadelphia's finally interesting after 25 years.

You know who's been interesting for, like, a decade now? Oklahoma City. The Pacers are always interesting. San Antonio's got a bunch of titles. New Orleans has Anthony Davis.

You think suddenly all the NFL quarterbacks would not want to go to Green Bay? Nine guys would go to the Cowboys? You do realize one quarterback can start and we have something called the salary cap.

NFL owners, stop suppressing. Stop restricting player mobility. The NBA just stole July from you. They stole it from baseball five, six, 10 years ago. They've now stolen it from you.

And by the way, in October, in the heart of football season, I will lead my show with LeBron and the Lakers, just like, in March, I wouldn't talk college basketball or the Masters if Aaron Rodgers was replacing Tom Brady, who retires in New England in 12 months. Stop restricting player movement.

Owners, it pays back twofold. Let your stars leave. They mostly won't if you treat them right. But if you're Dan Gilbert and resent a star or Pat Riley and in your 70's now and you kind of want to control everything, they'll leave you. But you know, you'll get another one.

How does the NFL not watch what's happening now and think, Jesus, can you imagine Aaron Rodgers on the open market? Can you imagine-- imagine-- Carson Wentz in four years on the open market? Andrew Luck on the open market? Matt Ryan in the open market? Drew Brees on the open market? Are you kidding me?

Don't restrict. Allow partners to move. They will pay you back tenfold. Steph Curry's right in the money.

All this mobility isn't hurting the league. Our brains have been rewired. We want new stories everyday. This player mobility has elevated this league.