Colin Cowherd reveals how Cleveland screwed up their chance to win more championships with LeBron

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On The Herd with Joy Taylor, Colin Cowherd points out what 'illustrates the utter disfunction of Cleveland' that lead to LeBron James leaving the Cavaliers.

- I read this story this morning. The famous LeBron James banner in downtown Cleveland is officially coming down. It is, Joy, a 10-story tall billboard.

- I've seen it.

- Yeah. It's not going to take a day or two. It's going to take a week or two, and a Nike spokesperson said it would take-- It's going to take a while. And, by the way, the Cavs official online team shop has already scrubbed LeBron from the front page, and they're selling his jerseys at a discount, and at the end of this story, it says this.

"Hey, it was a good run. Not really. Cleveland screwed it up. Cleveland screws everything up. Eleven seasons with the best basketball player in the world: one title. By the way, he went to Miami, four years, two titles. Do the math. That's way better. This illustrates the utter dysfunction of Cleveland. Eleven years, one title, and he leaves you for the second time."

By the way, this is happening with Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers. Best player in the world, 10 years, one title, and now, by the way, Minnesota, the Vikings, in your own division has a star in every unit. They have a star quarterback, a star safety, a star pass rusher, a star linebacker, a star running back, a star receiver.

Cleveland's draft picks, just in the years LeBron was a Cavalier-- I'm not even a count that they drafted Tristan Thompson over Klay Thompson. I'm not going to count that they drafted Andrew Wiggins, potentially. You think that was their ace draft pick? No. Joel Embiid was in that draft. He's a better player. In the years he was a Cavalier, they had 13 picks. None were elite players.

In 2006, they took Shannon Brown. Paul Millsap was available 20 picks later. 2008, JJ Hickson. DeAndre Jordan was available several picks later. 2009, Christian Eyenga. Patrick Beverly available 12 picks later. And yes, they took Andrew Wiggins, who now isn't happy in Minnesota. Joel Embiid was available two picks later.

Cleveland's dysfunction screwed this up. When you get a LeBron and an Aaron Rodgers, you don't waste any time. You overpay for GMs. You overpay for town evaluators. You overpay for scouts. You overpay for a head coach. You overpay for assistants. You overpay for position coaches.

Aaron Rodgers is now 34. They don't have close to the best roster in their own division, and he's had two surgeries. When Aaron Rodgers became a starter in 2008, 10 years ago, do you realize the AFC was better? Well, the AFC had six teams with 11 or more wins. Peyton, Brady, Ben all in their prime. The NFC had only three teams with 11 or more wins. Now Aaron Rodgers-- have you looked at the NFC? Every single franchise, every one, has a franchise quarterback.

There are no easy Sundays. The Bears have their quarterback. The Vikings now have upgraded at quarterback. Don't tell me it was a good run. Green Bay has screwed up Aaron Rodgers. When you get somebody that gifted, you keep people that elevate him. Always. You overpay for coordinators, coaches, scouts, talent evaluators. There are no more Aaron Rodgers on the market. There are no more LeBron James on the market.

Green Bay finally figured it out and flushed them people downstairs. But I don't want to hear it was mostly a good run. It was typical of Cleveland. Rockefeller left. Steinbrenner left. LeBron's leaving again. You mostly it up. Coming up next, Lakers? Have they become "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in tennis shoes. What a roster, and what to make of it? My thoughts coming up.