Lee Jenkins talks LeBron’s future ahead of the 2018 NBA Draft

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Lee Jenkins joins Colin Cowherd in studio to offer up his thoughts on LeBron James and the 2018 NBA Draft.

- Cleveland, tonight.

- Yeah?

- Can they do something? They've got-- Kevin Love's an asset, number eight pick's an asset. Do they just sit there and say, "Well, if LeBron leaves, we're going to keep him." Or, do they make a move? What do you do?

- Well, that's-- and that's what's difficult, right? Is Kawhi Leonard in play for them? If Kawhi Leonard really wants out of San Antonio, and you're the Spurs, don't you deal him tonight? I mean, isn't that the time? Otherwise, it's basically, we're talking about the Lakers, the Celtics, the Sixers. If you're going to deal him tonight, potentially, you could take advantage of a GM who's willing to give you picks. A team like the Clippers would be involved with their two lottery picks.

And the Cavs could be there, right? With the eighth pick, maybe a three-way trade with Kevin Love. You know, I don't know what it would be, but it seems like the long shot for them, the Hail Mary, is still-- would be Kawhi Leonard. And, if you're the Spurs, and you really want to stick it to the Lakers, and you don't want Kawhi Leonard to go to the Lakers, well, wouldn't you look to trade him to the Cavs? And then, you keep LeBron in the East and Kawhi in the East, potentially? I don't know. I still thnk that's the--

- Well, it would work for one more year. Yeah, like if you'd-- if Popovich just said I'm going to be an old cranky guy, and I'm going to trade Kawhi to Cleveland, I do think LeBron would stay in Cleveland for one more year.

- But-- and it all depends on what the Spurs think of these players in the draft. Do they like guys? And is there anybody that they've fallen in love with, and can they find a GM, maybe Sacramento, a team in the top five, that would give them a top pick for Kawhi Leonard without any assurance that he would return or idea that he would return?

- Oh, Lee, that's rough.