Colin Cowherd admires the uniqueness and ease of Steph Curry’s prolific Game-2 performance

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After Stephen Curry's record-breaking Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Colin Cowherd talks on The Herd about how Curry makes other star players look like they're working too hard.

- Steph Curry's amazing. I don't know where he ranks all-time in point guards. I mean, Magic Johnson, to me, could play center forward, give you 20 points, 18 assists, nine rebounds or 19. Magic's the best point guard I've ever seen. That's nothing against Iverson, that's nothing against Isaiah Thomas, that's nothing against Steve Nash or John Stockton. It isn't. They're all great, and I've been watching this for four decades.

But there was nothing ever like Magic. He once, in a finals, played center, and was MVP against the Sixers. And when I watch Steph Curry-- forget the fact he's a walking, talking history book in tennis shoes just setting records as he plays-- he doesn't have a player he reminds me of. He's a complete and utter original. And you know what I really like about Steph? And it's sort of ironic that he's in Silicon Valley, the home of technology in America. He's playing alongside Kevin Durant, and there are times Durant's invisible. That's where Magic and Steph are all-time.

Is that you can play basketball a lot of different ways, but look at the ease and the fluidity to Steph's game. He's like a modern app, you know? He just goes online, pushes a button, and somebody delivers food to his door 25 minutes later. When you watch James Harden and you watch Russell Westbrook-- and the media just fawns over those guys. I mean, they're literally in a car using the manual roll-up to roll up the window in their car. They're like, every basket is hard. Every possession is hard. Roll up the window in the car. Remember when you used to have to do that and you have to roll up the window in the car? And especially if it's cold outside, you've got frost on the window-- that's Westbrook and Harden, like every possession's hard.

By the end of a series, Harden and Westbrook are physically shot. And when those guys are rolling up the car window, Steph's just a human app. [BEEP] Just touches a button and [IMITATES SOUND OF WINDOW RISING] car window moves up. I mean, if you want to still lick the envelope and hand write the letter and put the stamp on it and go to the post office-- If you want to pay your bills that way, knock yourself out. Or you can go online, do banking, and do it in three seconds.

When you watch Steph Curry play, it is so easy and so fluid and so effortless. And it really, really makes guys like Westbrook and Iverson and Harden and John Wall and Derrick Rose look like they're working so hard for all their points. I mean, it's so effortless and so fluid with Curry. And uniqueness has really become a trait for the great teams. I mean, Shaq and Kobe's Lakers. There was just nobody as big and strong as Shaq. And Miami, LeBron and Wade. They were so much more talented and athletic than everybody else.

And you watch the Warriors play-- I mean Steph's doing stuff. He's taking shots in games now, in the NBA finals, that used to be the kind of shot that was a no-no from coaches. You just didn't take those kind of shots. But what I really appreciate about Steph is the ease in which he plays. Look how hard Westbrook has to work for his points. Look how hard Harden has to work for his points. We've seen examples. Westbrook, Harden, Wall, they're done by the end of the season. Second round of the playoffs, they're shot. They're shot fighters. They're done. They've got nothing left.

Here we go, fourth straight year, Steph's in the finals having fun, looking loose, really easy. I mean, that's why we created technology in this country, to make stuff easier. I mean, in 2018, technology makes life easier. And Steph is a human app. Watch all these other point guards that the media tells you how great they are, and look at the nightly effort to get their 27 shots and get to the line. Look how hard it is for Westbrook, how hard it is for Harden. Steph, he's not being worn out in the first round, not worn out in the second round. He's in his fourth straight finals. He could play another 25, 30 games. That's what it looks like to me.