Colin Cowherd discusses Golden State’s good luck in the playoffs the last few years

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Colin Cowherd discusses Chris Paul's injury and the luck the Golden State Warriors have had the last few years.

- Chris Paul, who has often been the best basketball player for either team on the floor, is out for Game 6. Uh, oh, Houston, we've got a problem. Not James Harden, Chris Paul is out. This is the luckiest team in the world. Think about this. Let's go back to 2015. They meet the Cavs in the finals. Kevin Love's out for it, and Kyrie Irving gets hurt in Game 1. It still takes the Warriors 6.

In 2017, second-round against Utah, Rudy Gobert gets hurt. In the Western Conference finals, they face the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard. Spurs up by 20, gets hurt. And they lose. Then last year, first round against the Spurs, no Kawhi Leonard. Second-round against New Orleans this year, no Boogie Cousins. And now no Chris Paul at the end of this series.

And, oh, by the way, if they played Boston in the finals, they wouldn't have Kyrie and Gordon Heyward. Good god, the Warriors' six man is a voodoo doll. This is incredible. In fact, I could make an argument, injuries have even worked out in Golden State's favor when they're on their own team.

The reason Kevin Durant could come over, because Steph Curry, back in, what was it, 2012, got hurt? And they were able to pay him a very small contract. And he became the two-time MVP of the league on a mid-level player's salary. I mean, good, lord, what a stroke of good fortune for the Warriors and misfortune for the Rockets. This is incredible-- a complete and utter game changer.