Colin Cowherd unveils how the Houston rockets defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 5

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Colin Cowherd believes the Houston Rockets have been 'nastier' than the Golden State Warriors, and it's a big reason why they are ahead in the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals.

- This is pretty remarkable. This is pretty remarkable. So when games end, they always tell you this. I just grab a box score, a stat sheet, and I look at things. If you didn't watch the game, this is interesting. Field goal percentage-- check, Warriors. Three point percentage-- oh, check, Warriors. Free throw percentage-- again, better-- check, Golden State. Rebounds-- check, Golden State. Fast break points-- Warriors. Points in paint-- Warriors. Assists-- Warriors. They won virtually every key stat. And oh, by the way, James Harden, the other team's best player, awful.

How great does Mike D'Antoni feel today? By the way, Golden State, Klay Thompson was pretty good, above his season average. KD had 29 points, Draymond Green 15 rebounds, and Steph Curry wasn't terrible. If I told you-- you didn't watch the game. You had to do something at work. You didn't have time for the game. And I just told you this-- hey, the Warriors-- more rebounds, more assists, more fast break points, more points in the paint, shoot better field goals, shoot better free throws, shoot better threes-- Klay Thompson, better game than average, Kevin Durant, 29, Draymond, 15 rebounds, and Steph had 22-- oh, by the way, James Harden was awful-- you'd say, Golden State won by 20?

I'd say, no. Houston won. "Ex-squeeze" me? Folks, dynasties-- I know what you're saying in San Francisco this morning. Well, Colin, Kevin Durant sort of disappeared here. And Steph Curry did-- dynasties, if you're a real dynasty, don't have to be perfect to win. Tom Brady against Atlanta threw a pick 6, had a 66 passer rating in the first half. They won. In both finals against the Utah Jazz, Michael Jordan and the Bulls shot a collective 43%. They won both.

That's the way it works with dynasties. You don't have to play perfect to win. I, we, all of us have overstated this dynasty. I'm not saying Kevin Durant was money down the stretch, but he had 29. What you're seeing right now is Houston is tougher and hungrier and better late in games. And we have now found the flaw for this dynasty.

We found it mentally, physically. The skinny jeans team, the suburban Warriors are getting pushed around. They're getting pushed around. Can you imagine Michael Jordan watching that game last night and thinking, these guys could hang with us? The Houston Rockets are pushing them around. The Houston Rockets are in their head. Listen, playoff basketball has always been for men, not boys. And the Silicon Valley, smarter than you, here's our latest social cause-- it ain't working. Because Houston is rolling up their sleeves.

Never forget this-- the word "dynasty." Just think about it for a second. Dynasty-- say it slowly. Dynasty. Nasty. Last five letters in dynasty-- nasty. Michael Jordan's Bulls were. So were Isaiah's Pistons, Byrd's Celtics, Ray Lewis's Ravens, Terry Bradshaw's Steelers, Troy Aikman's Cowboys-- nasty. One team in this series is bringing the nasty, bringing the ugly, bringing the tough, bringing the uncomfortable.

It's not our current dynasty. I never thought I would say what I'm about to say. Mike D'Antoni's team is the toughest of two teams in the Western Conference finals. Never forget-- last five letters in dynasty. Golden State, you don't have any. Houston, right now, has all of it.