Chris Broussard details why the Celtics are not Kryie Irving’s team moving forward

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Chris Broussard talks Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics with Colin Cowherd. Find out why Chris think this is the coach's team moving forward.

- Kyrie Irving-- let's see. The Cavs swept the number one seed without him. And it looks like, to me, the Celtics ball movement is as good as anybody in this sport without him. Is-- Kyrie Irving-- is he sitting there watching this thinking, "boy, I-- I'm really-- this is wonderful."


"Go Celtics." Or is Kyrie thinking, "I don't look great, here."

Well, a few things-- number one, Kyrie was very valuable in Cleveland, though. You got to give him that. When they got to the finals, they don't win that championship, in 2016, without Kyrie.

COLIN COWHERD: Fair. Very fair.

- So I'll give-- I will give you that. You can argue-- if you want to even say the year before, they took them six without Kyrie and Love. You know, and this year, obviously, they're in the same spot as they were with-- with him last year. But here's the thing, also. Kyrie Irving-- there were a lot of reasons-- a myriad of reasons he left Cleveland. One-- one was that, reportedly, he wanted to be the man, right?

He wanted his own team.


- OK, he wanted to see what he could-- guess what? This is not your team anymore. It's Brad Stevens' team.

COLIN COWHERD: Wow, great point.

- It's Brad Stevens' team. When you come back, win-- win or lose this series for Boston, this is now-- Brad Stevens is a genius. He's the face of the Celtics. And that doesn't-- you-- some people might say, well, of course the coach is-- no. It's James Harden's team. It's Steph Curry's team. OKC is Russell Westbrook's team, was Durant's teams. LeBron has his team.

Like, it's the superstar's team. But now, this is no longer Kyrie's team. It's not.