Colin Cowherd outlines why this NBA postseason is one of the most predictable ever

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Looking ahead to the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals and beyond, Colin Cowherd outlines why this NBA postseason is one of the most predictable ever, but free agency will be a completely different story. Will LeBron take his talents elsewhere in FA?

- Game one is Sunday, Celtics and the Cavs. It's an advantage for LeBron because he'll have his longest break of the season. Young teams generally like to keep the rhythm up and keep playing. Old teams need rest. This is the longest rest of the season for LeBron. So this is very good news for him.

I like Cleveland to win the series in six games because they have more veterans. What I think though is going to happen-- let me lay out the next month for you. And I think it's going to be incredibly predictable. And everybody's going to go up and down and roller coaster. And nobody is going to contextualize it. And we're going to freak out. I think it's the most predictable finish over the last month in LeBron's career.

So today is May 10th. Let me go until June 10th. This is what's going to happen. So today's May 10th. For the next three days, he's going to hydrate and do hyperbaric chamber stuff. And then he's going to get rested. OK? And then May 13th is Sunday, and he's going to face the Cavs. And the series is going to go six games.

Brad Stevens is too good, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have become too important and too talented to get swept. LeBron and the Cavs will have one awful shooting night guaranteed. They'll lose that game. Brad Stevens will probably steal a game late situationally. Count on it. But, in the end, LeBron will be unstoppable. And Kevin Love, who when he plays well, this is a really good basketball team-- and I suspect he will-- they will win the series on May 25th.

The game will be in Cleveland. LeBron will be absurd. He'll have the best game in the series. It will be his eighth straight final. And everybody will be saying, "Oh, my, god. He maybe is better than Michael Jordan."

Then LeBron, on May 31st, will face Golden State, who will breeze through Houston. And this is going to be really ugly and really quick. This is going to be like Mike Tyson's fights against Spinks in his 20s. This is going to be a sweep. And in most games, it's going to be awful. And it will end on June 7th.

But, Colin, you said May 10th till June 10th. Yes. Because from June 7th to June 10th-- let me make a prediction after LeBron's get swept-- America, for three days, will talk about two things, "Hey, he's never going to be as good as Michael Jordan." That'll be the first topic. And the second one will be, "Kevin Durant's actually better than LeBron," which, of course, is absolutely absurd.

The Warriors regularly win games and series without Kevin Durant. Cleveland can't win a game if LeBron doesn't play.

So that's what's going to happen for the next month. Then I cannot predict what's going to happen June 11th to July 7th, because that's when free agency takes place. And that's where it gets-- decision 3.0-- really tricky. I do have a theory how the Golden State-Houston series will affect where LeBron goes.

But I think it's May 10th and to June 10th, it is really predictable. Rest. Boston series. Six games. Couple days to talk how great LeBron is. Swept by Golden State. Three days to acknowledge he's not as good as Durant. Roll your eyes. He'll never be MJ. Heard it before.

That I can guarantee. After that, it gets really interesting. I don't know where he's going to land.