5 Reasons why LeBron James needs to leave Cleveland according to Colin Cowherd

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Colin Cowherd offers up his opinion on LeBron James and his future in the NBA. Find out why Colin thinks 'The King' should leave 'The Land'

- There's two things I've been told. Paul George is going to be a Laker. Secondly, LeBron would prefer to stay in Cleveland. He doesn't want to leave, but he knows he probably has to. And the reason-- he doesn't want to leave, but I think he will.

It comes down to five things for me. Number one, LeBron knows basketball. He knows that Boston next year is going to have an all-star team. This is as bad as Boston is for the next decade. Even LeBron is not single-handedly-- forget next year. I'm not sure he can beat him this year. He's not beating Boston by himself next year, and Philadelphia's an elite shooter on the perimeter away from being a nightmare for LeBron for a decade.

Secondly, he's aging. It's his 15th year in the league. He is picking his spots now to play. His numbers are still great, but LeBron now knows, you can watch him, he has to pick spots.

Cleveland, I think, limits his growth. It's not a free agent destination. This roster is locked in for two years. You've got the Rodney Hood situation, and Dan Gilbert isn't a loved owner among players.

I think number four is he's already fulfilled his promise. He got Cleveland a championship. I mean, they were title-starved. He delivered.

And number five is his legacy will be solidified if he leads three teams to titles. Listen, you can talk-- here's what we know about the MJ, LeBron thing. LeBron's going to blow MJ away in all the stats. He's going to blow him away.

We also know that LeBron is never going to be perfect in the finals, but it does become a volume play. Remember, Tom Brady lost Super Bowls, but, at some point, we all looked at Brady and Montana and went, yeah but he's in twice as many Super Bowls as Joe Montana. He's the better quarterback.

You're getting to that. Like Montana and Jordan are perfect in those championship games, but, but, but volume becomes a factor if LeBron's getting to 10, 12, 13. And, you know, I start looking at this thing with LeBron, he is going to have his choice now, Sixers, Houston, San Antonio, Lakers. And they're all going to be absolutely title contenders, even the Lakers, by adding LeBron.

If he goes to the Lakers, he's going to get Paul George. If he goes to the Sixers, he's going to get Simmons, Embiid. If he goes to San Antonio, they're not trading Kawhi, and if he goes to Houston, he gets Harden and Chris Paul. So he's getting back to the finals.

Now, the Lakers may seem like the longest route because their players are young, but Paul, LeBron is challenging Golden State at least within a year to a year and a half. So I don't think he wants to leave, and I don't think he's bored.

I mean, I don't think Belichick, Saban, Serena, Federer, I don't think they're-- Messi, when you're done, I don't think you're bored. I think you enjoy it. This is who you are. I don't think Kobe ever got bored winning championships and even when he lost in the finals, but I do think LeBron leaves when, a, he feels trapped, and he feels trapped with this roster and, b, when he feels the people around him are no longer dependable.

Remember, he left Cleveland the first time because they couldn't find a number two. He left Miami because D Wade and Bosh were repeatedly hurt. They were getting old. Go back to Tom Haberstroh's tweet. OK?

Rodney Hood wouldn't come in in the fourth. Who's Rodney Hood? Nance and Clarkson, you're locked in. Nothing. George Hill, Kevin Love hurt a lot. We know LeBron. If he's trapped, he's out. Or if he feels like I can't rely on the pieces around me due to health or limitations.