Colin Cowherd reveals the effect of LeBron’s Cavs mentally wearing out the Toronto Raptors

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Ahead of game two of round two in the East tonight between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto, Colin Cowherd reveals the effect of LeBron's Cavs' mental wear-and-tear on the Raptors. Who wins tonight?

- The last three times Cleveland's played Toronto and it had a big feel to it this year, LeBron's taken over the game and they won. And this is something that-- you can go to therapy about this. This is the reality as the way-- I can't speak for women-- this is how most men operate. If you're a comic and you're really good and you travel the country and you sell out theaters but you go on Johnny Carson in his prime, or David Letterman and Jay Leno, and you bomb, that will stay with you forever, even if the next night, you get on a plane, go to Santa Monica and crush. Go to New York and crush. Go to Minneapolis and crush. Go to Denver and crush. Go to Dallas and crush. Go to Atlanta and crush. You bomb on Carson, you bomb on Letterman, you bomb on Leno, that never leaves your head. That is between your ears forever. And it will affect your performance. Not at the small clubs, but it'll affect your brand and your performance when you go back on TV. You've been branded.

Clayton Kershaw has the lowest ERA in 100 years. He struggled in the postseason, seventh inning. It affects him. I believe it.

Like, LeBron is in their head. He has-- he's won 28 of the last 29 games against Toronto in Cleveland. I mean, you might as well call them LeBronto Raptors. And let's just give them a new name-- the LeBronto Raptors. This thing-- once somebody gets in your head on a big stage, it does not leave. You can go to therapy for years.

Like, did you watch what happened in that game one? Toronto had a double-digit lead in the third, a double-digit lead in the fourth. The coach freaked out. Kyle Lowry freaked out. DeMar DeRozan disappeared. Their best wing shooter couldn't shoot. Like, that is mental more than physical. The last four minutes of that game, Toronto missed their last 11 shots. I bet you they didn't lose-- I bet you they didn't miss 11 shots in a row to end a game all year long. I don't have it, but I bet it-- against the Cleveland team that's not a great defensive team. You were at home. You were well-rested. You had more gas in the tank. Like, LeBron is in their head.

You bomb on Letterman, Leno, or Carson, that's in your head. And I don't care how good of a road comic you are. You're never going to get past that.