Stephen Jackson reveals why every NBA team needs a Draymond Green

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Joining Colin Cowherd in studio on The Herd, Stephen Jackson reacts to the scuffle between Draymond Green and Rajon Rondo in game two between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans, detailing why every NBA team needs a Draymond Green or a Stephen Jackson.

COLIN COWHERD: So all I ever hear about-- now this is Westbrook. I don't have the Draymond tape. All I ever hear about is Draymond Green. And Draymond Green's crazy, and he kicks guys. Isn't that what we loved about 90s NBA? Isn't Draymond Green exactly what your era of NBA was?

STEPHEN JACKSON: Draymond is a way more athletic version of. Me I think the only thing I did better than Draymond was shoot better. He handles the ball, he passes the ball just as well as I did.

It's not intentional with Draymond. I understand it. I love this game. I'm playing this game with a passion. My passion, you might not understand. You know? This this game is everything to me. This game has changed-- I'm going to play this game, put my life on the line, put my body on the line every night. And if I have to fight to win, I am willing to do that. And that is Draymond's mindset. I love it. That was my mindset.

COLIN HOWHERD: If you go look, I don't know his back story. But Draymond, to me, a second round pick. The reason he's in the NBA is this. He's a fighter. He's been fighting his whole life. He wasn't a five star recruit. He couldn't shoot. He was a less skilled guy, who out-muscled, out-toughed, and outworked guy.

To a large degree, Stephen, you didn't have the perfect past. Didn't you go to a JC?

COLIN HOWHERD: I want to junior college for a week.

COLIN HOWHERD: And then you said, this is not for me.

STEPHEN JACKSON: Broke both of my feet before I made it to the NBA.

COLIN HOWHERD: OK. So you're the reason you're so damn feisty is because your path created that.

STEPHEN JACKSON: Exactly. I had to earn it.

COLIN HOWHERD: And so when everybody bangs on Draymond Green, I'm like, folks! What Draymond Green is, is what the NBA was in the 90s. A lot of guys who had a different path, didn't go to Duke, and didn't go to-- no, man. They had to fight. Junior college. They were second round guys.

I think Draymond Green, I'll be honest with you. He's why I think they beat Houston.

STEPHEN JACKSON: Steve Kerr, you see, LeBron tried to dunk on me, and I slammed him to the ground. LeBron's my guy. But back then, you know, I'm trying to win.

COLIN HOWHERD: Look at that!

STEPHEN JACKSON: I'm trying to win. I'm trying to win. I don't care who you are. You know what I'm saying? I'm trying to win. I'm willing to fight and do whatever.

But Draymond, everybody's not going to understand Draymond. And I heard Steve Kerr, and I heard Greg Popovich said this. Every team needs a Stephen Jackson. Every team needs a Draymond.

COLIN HOWHERD: Absolutely.

STEPHEN JACKSON: And I agree with that. I agree with that, totally.

COLIN HOWHERD: Yeah. Now sometimes, you were a little out there.

STEPHEN JACKSON: No. sometimes, I'm too loyal. I'm loyal to a fault. But I'd rather be loyal to a fault then not lawyer at all.