Nick Wright believes the Raptors know they cannot beat LeBron James

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Nick Wright talks 2018 NBA Playoffs with Colin Cowherd. Hear what he had to say about the Cleveland Cavaliers after their Game 1 win over the Toronto Raptors.

COLIN COWHERD: Watching last night, Lebron's been the asteroid that kills the baby dinosaurs. The asteroid didn't even land on the planet last that. It just flew by, and the baby dinosaur still curled up.

I mean, I watched that game last night. And I was actually-- with about eight minutes to go, I'm like, if Toronto loses this, this will literally define the series, and the franchise, going forward. Am I overreacting?

NICK WRIGHT: Listen, it's the biggest game the franchise has played since the day Vince Carter went to his graduation, and then missed the shot in game 7. If you remember, two years ago, the Cavs, after winning 10 straight games to start the playoffs-- this is one of the first times I ever did television with you, Colin. Everyone was flipping out because the Cavs had lost two straight to Toronto. And I said to you, the minimum number of games you can take to win your conference is 12. It's going to take the Cavs 14. And that's exactly what they did.

LeBron gave a very prescient quote, after the Raptors won two games against them two years ago. He said, "I've been in a lot of adverse situations. This ain't one of them." That's how he disrespected the Raptors two years ago.

Last year, first quarter, game 1. JR Smith is throwing off the backboard alley-oops in transition. That's how they disrespected them last year and this year.

Whether it was the massive comeback about six weeks ago, or what we saw last night, there is a mental block in Toronto when they see LeBron James on the court. Colin, they miss 11 straight shots to finish regulation. They had 16-- how about this? 16 shots in the fourth quarter, within five feet. They made three of them. LeBron's terrible game, the worst game he's had all postseason. He still individually outscored them in the final four minutes of regulation.

They can't beat him. The Pacers were a tougher match-up. The Heat would have been a tougher match-up. They cannot beat him. Their players know it. Their coach knows it. Everyone, Drake knows it. It's why he's trying to fight Kendrick Perkins. They can't beat him. It's as simple as that, man.