Colin Cowherd reveals a facet to LeBron James’ 2018 postseason that neither Magic nor Michael Jordan accomplished

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In his preview of game one of round two of the 2018 Eastern Conference Playoffs, Colin Cowherd reacts to LeBron James single-handedly dismantling the Indiana Pacers in the East's first round, revealing a facet to The King's game that neither Magic Johnson nor Michael Jordan were ever able to accomplish in their postseason careers.

- The bigger story is what we just saw, because I've never seen anything like it. LeBron James single-handedly beat Indianapolis, the Pacers. He led them in nine categories-- minutes, points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, 3-pointers made, free throws made, field goals made. Nine categories. "The Onion," a very funny, satirical account on the internet, had a great headline yesterday-- "LeBron James credits teammates with providing four bodies necessary to avoid forfeiture against Pacers." That's essentially what it was.

Before we get to the baby dinosaurs, let's acknowledge what he did, something I've never seen. Let me give you an example of how great it was. Michael Jordan's the best player ever, right? Let's go to his greatest finals ever, the Phoenix Suns. Remember that? He averaged 41 a game. It's the best I've ever seen of Michael in a series. He was unbelievable.

He must have led them in all the categories, right, Colin? No, Horace Grant led him in rebounds, Horace Grant led him in blocks, Scottie Pippen led him in assists, Scottie Pippen led him in steals. He didn't lead in field goal percentage. That was Michael's greatest series I've ever seen.

Remember the one that got all the love? Utah, the second one, 113-degree temperatures? Something like he was a Martian? That was MJ's unbelievable series. Rodman led him in rebounds, Pippen led him in assists and steals. And Steve [INAUDIBLE] led him in 3-point percentage and free throws. And Toni Kukoc made the most 3-pointers. Michael, in his best series, had all sorts of help. Kukoc, and [INAUDIBLE], and Rodman, and Pippen, and Horace Grant.

LeBron led in nine categories and beat an NBA team in a series. Good luck to Toronto. Wonderful city. Fantastic, beautiful. Everybody loves Toronto. I get it. I love it too. But let's not just fly past this yield sign and not acknowledge it exists. Michael never did that. Magic never did that. Bird never did that. What do I like in the series? I really don't know, but I know the LeBron asteroid, in recent years, has also killed the baby dinosaurs. So that's probably where I'm going in this one.