Colin Cowherd reveals why he is impressed by Cardinals trading up to draft Josh Rosen with 10th pick

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Colin Cowherd details why the Arizona Cardinals trading up in the NFL Draft to select former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick. Colin on Cardinals and Rosen: "This staff is a perfect fit for him."

Arizona, I would say, won the first day of the draft. They entered the day needing a quarterback. The only NFC team without a future quarterback long term, they had the 15th pick and not a lot of extra picks and cache to move up. They landed Josh Rosen, who is, according to Greg Cosell, the most NFL refined quarterback in the draft. By the way, this staff is a perfect fit for him. Mike McCoy is an adaptable, creative, offensive coordinator, great with young quarterbacks, and Steve Wilks, the head coach, is a high-IQ guy. Again, very adaptable, Josh Rosen won the draft. The Arizona Cardinals won day one.

But I think this is interesting. Last night during the draft, most fans are thinking, man, it's about building the dynasty. Last night's draft was actually about watching one end. Seattle's. Pete Carroll, 66 years old, last year in his contract. Years ago when Pete Carroll was rolling, legion of boom. This division had Jeff Fisher, and Blaine Gabbert, and Jim Tom Sula, and Case Keenum, and Drew Stanton, and Collin Campernick. Pete Carroll wakes up this morning and it's got Sean McVay, Kyle Shanahan, Jared Goff, Jimmy Garoppolo, and now Josh Rosen, three elite quarterback talents.

So many people look at that first round as where the dynasty begins. I think it's where Seattle's ended. Pete Carroll dominated the Pac 12 for years. It was at its lowest point in my lifetime. Chip Kelly and Jim Harbaugh arrived. Pete left town, head down, NCAA baggage, lost his last game at home to Arizona. When Pete got into this NFC West it was a lot of second-tier coaches and bad quarterbacks. Arizona last year was 8 and 8 with no-- with a backup quarterback and no David Nelson, the star running back, and a very good roster. David Johnson, excuse me.

This division now is a nightmare. The only rebuilding team is Seattle, and Pete's got one year at 66 years old. He didn't want to rebuild. He didn't want to give away Richard Sherman, he didn't want to give away Michael Bennett. He didn't want to give those guys away. He's 66 years old. He's got a year left on the deal, and now that division is Goff, and McVay, and Garoppolo, and Shanahan, and a really, really, bright guy in Steve Wilks, and now Josh Rosen, who will win the starting job. He will win the starting job in Arizona. Sam Bradford, they brought him in, it won't be real long. Josh Rosen is going to win that starting job really, really, fast.

This league eats you up. Dynasties do not last long, which is it makes New England's last 18 years absolutely remarkable. It really is. What New England's doing is absolutely remarkable, but Arizona, San Francisco, and the Rams have all found a franchise quarterback in the last eight months. San Francisco acquired Garoppolo from New England, Arizona got Rosen, and when the Rams hired Sean McVay, it saved Jared Goff's career. The Legion of Boom, doom, gloom, whatever it's called, it is not the same today, and that division looks like the Pac 12 when Pete Carroll left it. It is a completely different division with elite coaches, elite brains, and elite quarterback talents twice a year.

Congrats to Arizona and congrats the Josh Rosen, who's going to win that starting job. By the way, you know, we we talked about this, the quarterback in this draft that he really reminded me of was Aaron Rodgers. If you watched last night, he even looks a little like Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers went to very academic Cal, he went to very academic UCLA, known more for academics than football. Who dropped in the first round? Aaron Rodgers. Who was the quarterback here, the most gifted, that dropped Josh Rosen? I mean, this thing looks so much like Aaron Rodgers. It looks so much like Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers and Josh Rosen, California high schools. You know, high-high IQ. Went to academic powers, had moments in their college career, though they weren't on winning powers, they blew everybody away. Political. Outspoken. Can sometimes be a little condescending, and both drop in the first round, and both came into their draft as the really unique arm talent in the draft.