Colin Cowherd on Russell Westbrook: ‘He is at times awful late in games, which is all that matters in the playoffs.’

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Colin Cowherd examines what happened late in the Oklahoma City Thunder's 103-99 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Is star guard Russell Westbrook too fragile to defer to others in close games?

- Yeah, Westbrook's the worst 3-point shooter in the league, for those who qualify in number of attempts. Paul George had just hit one, was shooting 50% for the night. 40% for the year he was on the floor, Carmelo and Paul George last night, six for nine on 3s.

Westbrook, with zero self-awareness, came down and the worst 3-point shooter in the league hoisted a 3. The MVMe. Yeah, this is what I say, folks. You say I'm a hater.

Here are the three things I have said, and you can apologize at any point. He is remarkably dynamic. He is. He can at times be difficult to play with, indisputable.

And he is at times awful late in games, which is, I don't know, sort of all that matters in the playoffs. You can brand me and call me and claim I'm a lot of things, but what I am is accurate. He is dynamic. He is at times difficult to play with. Late in games, he can be embarrassingly bad.

Did you look at Billy Donovan, the head coach? You ever notice that when you're frustrated? I do this. When I get frustrated, I start doing some body language. I start scratching, I get hot, I get angry with my kids. I start, Billy Donovan is beside himself.

But in Oklahoma City, nobody can yell at Russ. You can't scream at Russ. It's never Russ's fault. He has been babied. Remember the story, the well-written story that came out that Kevin Durant went to the organization several times and said, come on, confront him. He's a grown up.

They wouldn't do it, because he's thin skinned, has rabbit ears and would overreact. So Kevin Durant left. That's a story that's been published. That Durant, in fact, it may have been Adrian Wojnarowski, it was one of the top NBA guys that Durant went to Oklahoma City and said behind closed doors, guys, you're watching the same thing I am. We know he's talented. He's brutal late in games.

And I'm showing you several clips now of after that 3-point, just bad decisions. Chris Broussard came on our show and he always defends him, and that's fine. He is the MVMe. Sorry, my bad, MVP. But Chris Broussard even acknowledged this on our show last week.

- His weakness is the last two minutes of the game. I mean, there are other things you might talk about. You know, the way he plays, maybe not getting guys involved as much. But his weakness and OKC knows it, is the last few minutes of the game. The decision-making. If they could change anything about him, it would be how you handle the decision-making in those last couple of minutes. Because you don't play the last two minutes like you played minutes 24 and 25.

- So they know it's an issue and nobody will confront him. I mean, you can do that to people. If your son, your daughter or your husband, your wife has an issue, you can not confront it, but then don't be shocked when it repeats itself. I'm going to give you a number to think about.

Westbrook and Oklahoma City are 13-1 this year when he shoots one three-pointer or fewer. They are 13-1. If he shoots more than that, they're 30-30. Keep on chucking, MVMe.

Westbrook's an MVP. Paul George is an All-Star. Steven Adams is one of the game's best rebounders-- in fact, currently leads the NBA in offensive rebounds. And Melo is a offensively gifted player. As of this morning, they won't get home court advantage in a single playoff series. And I'm the hater.