Colin Cowherd on why Steph Curry is the 2nd most influential basketball player after Michael Jordan

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In his reaction to reading an ESPN list of the Top 10 Most Influential Basketball Players of All Time, Colin Cowherd reveals where he disagrees, detailing that Steph Curry should be listed 2nd only after Michael Jordan. Do you agree with Colin?

- The 10 most influential players in basketball of all time. A lot of names I agree with. That's because they should be on the list. But I don't want you to look at number one, Michael, I want you to look at who they have as number 10, Steph Curry. Steph Curry, 10. OK, yeah. Steph Curry is no lower than two. Michael's one. I watched Duke and Kansas play this weekend, old-school college basketball brands. They shot 65 3's. That's the influence of Steph Curry.

I went to the Lakers Mavericks game last night. Dirk Nowitzki didn't play much because he's old and can't run, and Lonzo Ball can't shoot, and still, between the two teams, they shot 77 3's last night. Houston regularly shoots 50 a game. On this list ESPN put out, Oscar Robertson is more influential than Steph Curry-- you know, the guy that played when games weren't live on television.

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, when we were kids, we all sat around shooting one-handed, except, you know, none of us. He played on that legendary franchise, Cincinnati, a baseball and NFL city. Oh, by the way, nothing against Big O, but if you Google Big O, you know what comes up first? A tire store, followed by an animated Japanese series, followed by a cereal, followed by a Dallas car wash. Boy, does Big O have influence.

They also have Kareem at number six, the guy who can't get a head coaching job, or a broadcasting job of note. I loved Kareem growing up. Goggles and skyhooks, though. Go to any playground in America. Nobody's wearing goggles. Nobody's shooting skyhooks. I don't remember his big shoe deal. Folks, Steph Curry, like McDonald's, doesn't have to be the best burger.

When you go to an American city and they have one of those newspaper polls, best burger in town, it's never McDonald's, but McDonald's is the most influential restaurant in American history. Every fast food company, every one-- Taco Bell, Pollo Loco, doesn't matter, In N Out of Los Angeles-- here because of McDonald's. Motel 6 isn't the hippest hotel chain. I'd recommend a Four Seasons. But you realize why we have discount hotel chains? Motel 6.

OK, Steph Curry is the reason the Lakers and Mavs shot 77 3's, and Duke and Kansas shot 65. Go to a gym in America now. Kids aren't backing up to the basket. They walk into a gym and they hoist 3's. I can just say a player in college and the first thing you think of is Steph Curry. Trae Young, who you wouldn't know Trae Young outside of Norman, Oklahoma if it wasn't for Steph Curry. Steph Curry, you believe, is less influential than Oscar Robertson? Oscar Robertson games aren't on TV. It's hard to find video of him on YouTube. Steph Curry's dribbling drills in warm ups are all over the internet.

And I'm talking primarily on the fact that he has revolutionized basketball. And I'm talking primarily that he relates to my son, who once I took to a shoe store, he's not even a huge basketball fan and he wanted to Steph Curry shoes. Forget the fact that he's relatable and revolutionary and has changed the game. I'm going to drop a number on you, and there's only one other player in the world that could say this.

In the seven years Steph Curry has been in the NBA, the Warriors have won 75% of their games and have a plus 8 plus minus. 75% in seven years. In the games without him in Golden State, they've won 38% of their games and are minus 3. I have no problem with Michael Jordan being number one. Magic has influence, LeBron as well.

But if you don't get Steph Curry's influence, you don't get it. 10th? Go to a playground. Watch college basketball. Watch an NBA game. Steph Curry is like Nirvana, who ended the hairbands. Steph Curry not only created the 3, he eliminated what we all grew up with, the mid-range jumper, the primary shot of the greatest player ever, Michael Jordan.