Nick Wright makes the case that James Harden is this year’s NBA MVP

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Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd on 'The Herd' to make the case that James Harden should be this year's NBA MVP and not LeBron James.

COLIN COWHERD: I'm no longer going to feel guilty about liking Taylor Swift, going to Starbucks, and voting LeBron MVP. I hear you-- you like Harden over LeBron. Like, tell me the argument.

NICK WRIGHT: OK, so listen. Here's the thing. The triple-double argument for Russ was absurd in my eyes.


- In my opinion, last year, Russ should of finished third on the MVP ballot.

NICK WRIGHT: Thank you!

- It should have gone, LeBron, one, Harden, two, Russ, three.

COLIN COWHERD: OK, we agree.

- OK, so that's the first point.

COLIN COWHERD: We agree on that because I don't think it's stupid. Yes, OK.

- It's an arbitrary thing. And Chris Broussard, who I love so very much, he says all the time, yeah, I wouldn't have voted for Russell if he'd the averaged 9.8 rebounds.


And I think it's one of the most ridiculous things to admit publicly. But he says it all the time. And a lot of people think that makes sense. So I agree with you on that.

I also thought, by the way, that the criticism of LeBron for, God forbid, taking some games off, and I don't know who would criticize him for that, but maybe someone sitting approximately 14 feet to your right knows someone like that--


- --was ridiculous. But LeBron has responded to that in year 15 by every-- by playing every single damn game. However, the NBA MVP is a very important award as a historical marker. And I understand that we can make the case that LeBron, statistically, is having a better year. Everyone knows LeBron is the best player in the league. And I think people recognize, when it comes to value to his team, you take LeBron off the Cavs, they're a lottery team instead of a finalist.

So I understand all those reasons we should vote for LeBron. But the reality is, James Harden needs an MVP. Historically, he needs an MVP. When we talk about this season, historically, what will be the remembrance of this season? The Houston Rockets.

COLIN COWHERD: That's fair.

- The 65-win Houston Rockets. And if James-- James Harden should not have three second-place finishes in a four-year stretch, when some would argue, he should have three first-place finishes, certainly two first-place finishes in a four-year stretch.

Prior to Russ breaking the mold last year, as well, there's always been a rule. You've got to have 50-plus wins. The Cavs need to go 7 and 2 to get to 50, just to get to 50. The Rockets are sitting at 61.

For all those reasons, this is just the second time in the last nine years that I would sit up here and say, anyone other than LeBron should be MVP. A couple of years ago when Steph was the unanimous MVP, listen, he had a transcendent season for a 73-win team. He was the story of the team-- of the year on the best team of the year. He should win MVP.

This year, James Harden should win MVP. Now, we will see if LeBron gets an opportunity to do what he has done to people in the playoff series, who win MVP that he wanted, which is steal their soul, a la Derrick Rose, a la Steph Curry. Maybe he'll do that James Harden this year in the NBA Finals, but I would vote James Harden MVP this year.