Former Spur Stephen Jackson reacts to Tony Parker saying his injury was 100 times worse than Kawhi’s

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Joining Colin Cowherd on The Herd, former San Antonio Spur Stephen Jackson reacts to Tony Parker saying his injury was 100 times worse than Kawhi Leonard's current injury. Jackson outlines why he believes this was completely out of bounds for Parker to say.

- So what is he saying about Kawhi Leonard, Stephen?

- Well, first of all, let me say this. Will Sevening is one of the best trainers ever.

COLIN COWHERD: You know him?

- I know him. Will Sevening with the Spurs, he's one of the best guys, best trainers ever, right? OK, if you know anything about the Spurs, you know Pop has his three guys. If you don't know who is three guys is, I can't talk to you about the Spurs. Tony Parker, Ginobili, Tim Duncan, these are his guys.

He's not going against anybody for these three guys, OK? News flash, world, he's not going to against anybody over these three guys. Pop, anything that comes out in the media or anything that needs to be--

COLIN COWHERD: Said, distributed down--

- --said or distributed down to the team, it comes from Pop through Tony and Ginobili. Now, y'all might not believe this, but the meeting that was so-said threw up on Kawhi after the game, that was-- that came down from Pop to those guys. They didn't do that on their own.

Tony don't have the balls to do that. Ginobili don't-- Ginobili don't have the balls to do that, OK? They are just not outspoken guys. And I don't think nobody fear them to respect their word, right?

So that came from up top, no question. Pop is the greatest coach ever. I love Pop. But Pop loves these three guys. And he's loyal to these three guys before anybody.

COLIN COWHERD: And they're loyal to him!

- They're definitely loyal to him. But for Tony to come out and make this statement about his hamstring or quad was worse than-- is worse-- 100 times worse than Kawhi's is so low. And the timing of it is even worse.

You know, you talk about this meeting. Y'all want him on the team. He's going to be with us or not. And now, all of a sudden, this last week, you and Ginobili both come out and talk about it at the same time?

Like, like, I played on this organization. They came at me sideways before when Pop asked me to say other people was better than me. So I know. And I know how selfish Tony is, because he's the reason why we lost in '14 against OKC because he don't want to pass the ball at game six after I'd hit six threes in a row.

So I know the type of person Tony is. He can be selfish. And by this comment, I wouldn't be surprised if this makes Kawhi want to leave. Because when your teammates are going against you in the media like that and not having you back, you know that's coming from up top, why would you want to be there?

COLIN COWHERD: You know-- you think Kawhi knows it's coming from up top?

- Man, look, Kawhi might not say nothing, but he's smarter than a lot of people think. He don't have to say it. I know a lot going on in his mind right now. Nobody wants to play the game more than Kawhi. Nobody wants to be great or go down as one of the greatest more than Kawhi. So his heart and his passion and if he want to play basketball should never be questioned.

And by the fact that that came from Tony like that, that's super low. I lost a lot of respect for Tony, because they always say, well, this is the class act. This is the class organization. That was low, coming from one of your teammates.

COLIN COWHERD: So basically, Pop wanted that out. Pop wanted to send his gospel out to the masses.

STEPHEN JACKSON: Any time it comes out, trust me, they don't just say things without talking to Pop. When has this ever happened? When have you ever heard something from the Spurs just come out--


- --out of the blue? No, it never does that. Trust me, Pop has control over everything. And what Tony said, and that meeting, and all this pressure that's coming on Kawhi, it's coming from up top.