Colin Cowherd’s 2018 Mock Draft 4.0

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Colin Cowherd has the latest update to his 2018 NFL mock draft. Find out who he likes to go No. 1. Plus, find out where Bradley Chubb lands in mock draft 4.0

- All right, I watched all these mock drafts that had, like, Sam Darnold going 8th, 12th. I said, I'm going to create my own mock draft. It's a mock draft. And if it's wrong, you can mock me.

Here we go, my fourth mock draft. After this weekend, number one-- I'll stick with it, I've been on this for two years-- Sam Darnold is the best quarterback in this draft and the best college quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck-- big, strong, sturdy, got a little Andrew Luck, except I think he actually moves better. I'm not bothered by the interceptions. Deshaun Watson threw a ton in college. So did John Elway. Playmaker behind a bad O-line, did great things at USC. Darnold, number one.

Number two, the New York Giants. I think they're making a mistake taking Saquon Barkley, not because I don't like Saquon Barkley, but because it's a very rich quarterback-- excuse me, a very rich running back draft. I think you can get 85% of Saquon Barkley in the second or the third round. They're going to take him. He's a home run hitter. They've added Nate Solder at left tackle. And they're going to add Barkley.

I would take Josh Rosen. That's who I believe the New York Jets will take with the number three pick-- UCLA's polished, smart, refined, and game-ready Josh Rosen. If I was the Giants, are you going to be OK watching your cross-town rival have a star quarterback for the next decade? If I was the Giants, I'd pick him. I think they'll pass. They don't want blowback from Eli Manning and the Manning family, and really more than anything, just sort of the New York Giants fan base, who loves Eli. Rosen goes third.

Number four to Cleveland, they're going to go to Denzel Ward, Ohio State, tremendous corner. My sources tell me this is the fastest rising player in the entire draft, that Denzel Ward now is the meteor in this draft, that everybody drafting after three wants Denzel Ward.

Marcus Lattimore, Buckeyes, goes to New Orleans, is a tremendous impact corner. Greg Shiano, Ohio State, former NFL coach, speaking highly of him. He's going to go to Cleveland. They're going to get a corner cover-- and they just lost a corner, by the way, to New England-- and Sam Darnold.

Number five will be Denver. Listen, John Elway saying Case Keenum is my guy-- I think for a year to two, he will be. He won't be able to pass up Bradley Chubb. So he'll have Von Miller and then a backup Bradley Chubb if Von Miller got too expensive, or got hurt, or you can put him on the other side. Bradley Chubb is a tremendous pass rusher. Outside a quarterback, I can make an argument, the most valuable position in this league is quarterback and pass rusher and then left tackle. Bradley Chubb goes to Denver at five.

Indianapolis is at six. And it's an interesting situation. They really want Denzel Ward and will take him if he's here. I don't think he will be. They really want Bradley Chubb. They'll take him if he's here. I don't think he will be.

They will give Andrew Luck a rock solid lineman for a decade, Notre Dame's Quenton Nelson. And I-- Minkah Fitzpatrick they could use at safety. But they have neglected for years the offensive line. And I think when you spend all that money on Andrew Luck-- this is what the Cowboys did-- they started drafting interior lineman, left tackles. You wake up one morning, and you're like, Cowboys have the best line in the world. Quenton Nelson goes to Indy at six.

Tampa Bay is seven. I just think they're going to take the best player left on the board. It's going to be Minkah Fitzpatrick, who I think is an unbelievable rangy safety. You can blitz him. He played better in big games. He walked onto Alabama as a freshman, and Nick Saban gave him all sorts of responsibilities as a freshman safety. He's not a burner. You're not going to put him on Julio Jones. But he'll anchor your defense from the back end like an Earl Thomas in Seattle for the next foreseeable future.

Chicago at number eight. Now, I think Chicago's a really, really interesting roster. I think they have their quarterback. They have a couple of good running backs. They've got a couple linemen defensively I like. But they could use another pass rusher. They're going to take Tremaine Edwards, a pass rusher that has seen, after Bradley Chubb-- by the way Tremaine Edmunds. He is the best pass rusher not named Bradley Chubb. And again, you look around the NFL right now, people will move up for quarterbacks and elite pass rushers. And I think they get him.

Now, number nine, this used to be the Niners' pick. But you know, we believe Buffalo will move up to ensure in their cold weather environment--


Revolutionary move by me, predicting a trade in my mock draft. It's virtually never been done, except a lot. Josh Allen, the Wyoming quarterback, 6'5", 240, best arm in the draft. Buffalo had the small, athletic quarterback. They've had the Harvard quarterback. They want to get their Big Ben. They want to get their Flacco. It's raining sideways, snowing horizontally. They want their 6'4", 6'5", 240-pound guy with decent mobility who's got a cannon and played in Wyoming. I think he's a good fit for Buffalo.

Number 10, Oakland, I continue to believe they'll go after a pass rusher. Khalil Mack on one side, Marcus Davenport, a college kid who I haven't seen play, but all the scouting services have him as one of the best pass rushers. Listen, this draft has a lot of quarterbacks, a lot of running backs, and some pass rushers. Marcus Davenport for the Raiders-- Raiders have a bad back seven. How do you make your secondary better quickly? Get a pass rush. Marcus Davenport.

Now, number 11-- I don't have it on the board-- Baker Mayfield goes to the Miami Dolphins. So I believe we will have four quarterbacks taken in the first 11 picks. I've said I wouldn't draft Baker. But I think Ryan Tannehill, the ship's sailed. He's a starter for a year. They'd like real competition. He's coming off an injury.

I think you're going to have Darnold go one to Cleveland, Josh Rosen go three to the Jets, Josh Allen go nine to the Buffalo Bills, who will eventually move up, and I think Miami, at 11, takes Baker Mayfield.

I think the team in here that you got to keep your eye on is Arizona. Arizona, if they don't move up in this draft-- and next year is not a great draft for quarterbacks, and there's not going to be a lot of free agents that hit the market. If Arizona does not move up, they are going to face Sean McVay and Jared Goff twice next year, and Shanahan and Garappolo twice, and Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson twice.

Russell Wilson, by the way, led the NFL in touchdown passes last year with a battle line and no running game, battle line and no running game, and with a defensive minded staff.

So I keep waiting for Arizona. I thought the Jets would watch Arizona move up to number three. Arizona watched the Jets move up to number three.

In my lifetime, I have never seen a time, never seen a time, when every team in a conference had a franchise quarterback. And in the NFC, outside of Arizona, everybody's got one. Bradford, Sam Bradford's a one-year deal. He's got a degenerative knee issue. I don't believe that's the long-term viable solution.