Colin thinks the Arizona Cardinals are in danger of ‘disappearing in the desert’

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Colin Cowherd talks Arizona Cardinals after it was reported they would sign Sam Bradford to a one-year deal. Will Arizona be able to win with him leading the team?

- There are some really good teams in the NFL. And there are some OK teams. There's not a lot of desperate teams in the NFL. But in the NFL, if you don't have a quarterback, and especially if your division has a bunch of good quarterbacks, you're in-- you're in trouble.

Yesterday, the Arizona Cardinals paid Sam Bradford, who has a degenerative knee issue, translation-- it's bad and getting worse. They paid him $20 million dollars for a year. That's panic mode.

I asked the head coach and the GM of Arizona in the last few months why they didn't go after Jimmy Garoppolo, who now they have to play twice a year in their own division. I asked Bruce Arians, did you guys go after him?

- We had never talked about it. Steve might have had some discussions with Nick. And so, but it never came up. We would have discussed it, had we, but, you know, he's in the right fit for him right now. And so much of it is the right fit. The way San Francisco finished those last games, [INAUDIBLE] and Johnny Lynch have done a great job.

- OK, and I asked Steve Keim, the GM of Arizona, did you guys go after Jimmy Garoppolo who you now play twice a year for the next decade?

- Number one, you know, it takes two sides to trade. And number two, you know, there are things that go on with the rosters, you know, that head coaches aren't involved with on a daily basis. And number one, that's from a financial perspective over the next three years, which I try to do a three year view. And that's really, again, the numbers that we're paying a quarterback and at any position, really, how we're allocating our money. So there were factors that were involved in it.

I did look at Jimmy Garoppolo. There's no doubt he has some talent. The body of work was, as we know, limited. But it looks like they made a great decision out there.

- Arizona is in real danger of becoming an old mobster disappearing in the desert. OK, I want you to look at the top 12 draft picks. Arizona's got the 15th. Cleveland is taking a quarterback. The Giants, Indy, and Cleveland's second pick, they will not take a quarterback.

Denver has Case Keenum, but may take another. The Jets at six absolutely will. Then the Bucks, Bears, Niners, and Raiders will not. The Dolphins have Tannehill off an injury. That's a strong maybe. And the Bills have moved up to 12. That's a yes.

OK, you can do the math yourself. We have three yes's and two strong maybes. And there's what? Four quarterbacks the NFL scouts like. Arizona is in trouble. They're in a division with Jared Goff twice a year coached by Sean McVay, Jimmy Garoppolo twice a year coached by Kyle Shanahan, and Russell Wilson twice a year. Right now, they've got Sam Bradford with a degenerative knee issue.

I don't run Arizona, if I did and I am dead serious, I would give up every single pick I have to get to that 5 spot or better. I would give up every pick in this draft, every pick. Or they're going to become an old mobster. They are going to disappear in the desert and we're never going to hear from them again.

Their division has three excellent quarterbacks. The NFC, Kirk Cousins to Minnesota now, increasingly great quarterbacks. Listen man, the windows close in this league really, really fast. Goff twice a year, Garoppolo twice a year, Russell Wilson twice a year.

Go look at the draft board again. Three yes's, two strong maybes. Five teams in the top 12. If I'm Arizona, you cannot risk this year not getting a quarterback.

Because have you looked at next year's draft? Look ahead. It's not quarterback-friendly. You've got to solve that puppy now.

Two teams in this league are desperate at quarterback, Arizona and Buffalo. Buffalo has already moved to 12. My belief, they may move up to three. They're not, they got more picks. They know exactly what they're facing.

Buffalo has the picks and they are giving them away. I think they'll move up again to nine or three. Arizona, you need to get on it.