Chris Broussard: LaVar is not a deal-breaker for LeBron to join the Lakers

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Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to talk about LeBron James and his future in the NBA. Find out why Chris thinks the PG spot is so important to determining where 'The King' will go next.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Whoever the superstar is there, has to be ready to step back and say, OK I'm the second guy. If it were Kevin Durant, and I know it won't be in Golden State, but Durant would be a little different because he can catch and shoot. And he could play off of a guy like that.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: But a guy that needs to handle it a lot is going to have--


CHRIS BROUSSARD: his issues playing with LeBron.

COLIN COWHERD: And by the way, you're not going off. Because this is a really good point. This is why I've never bought Houston. Would we-- we would both acknowledge LeBron's smart. Now he can be cryptic. He can be a little passive aggressive. A lot of smart people are. He's not as confrontational as say a Kobe or an MJ, not gonna punch guys in practice.

LeBron knows what you're saying. And he knows the Lakers point guard isn't a shooter. This is why he keeps saying the Lakers would be Cleveland players, where they'd look up to LeBron with talent. Kuzma.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: If he and George?

COLIN COWHERD: Yes. The Houston thing never works for me, Chris. Because if you believe LeBron is smart, and I do-- he's played with Kyrie. He's played with ball centric Isaiah Thomas. He knows deep down, that Houston thing, we'd have no bench and it would be weird.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Well, yeah. And James Harden-- right-- look he's going to be the MVP. He thinks in his mind he should have had at least two.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: Because the players voted him a few years ago. I voted him a few years ago in 2015, when Steph won his first. So yeah, that's an issue there. Look, with Lonzo, if Lonzo keeps shooting the three pointer the way he is, that's perfect to play next to LeBron.

COLIN COWHERD: Perfect because what LeBron wants you to be able to hit threes but doesn't want you to be ball centric.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Yes. And Lonzo obviously, even though he's a real point guard, he gets rid of the ball quickly. He moves the ball quickly. So that could work. LaVar look, I've said before, I think that could be a deterrent. It's not a deal breaker.

COLIN COWHERD: OK. So that's--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: It's not a deal breaker.

COLIN COWHERD: That's the new story.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: That's-- that's-- that's breaking news.

COLIN COWHERD: OK. Can we have breaking news on that? Because this story is about--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: It's not a deal-- I'm not-- I'm not saying it's-- I'm just saying LaVar is not a deal breaker that would keep LeBron away from them.

COLIN COWHERD: So you just didn't throw that out. That came from sourcing.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I talk to people.

COLIN COWHERD: Because I talked to a football coach last night. You talk to a basketball people.


COLIN COWHERD: So LaVar's not a deal breaker.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Not a deal breaker.

COLIN COWHERD: Because my theory--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I mean, you know, he obviously, he could come out and start saying all types of crazy stuff from here on. But right now, you know-- you know, it's all right.

COLIN COWHERD: It's all right.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: If the team-- if the team looks good and if this looks like the right basketball fit, LaVar will not be a deal breaker.

COLIN COWHERD: OK. Because I was saying this yesterday to Gottlieb. And I said, my wife is into design. OK? So we've had a couple of houses. And she's redone houses. And when she does it, she doesn't want a total rebuild. You've got to give her a yard. You got to give her a decent bathroom. You've got-- LeBron-- LeBron needed to see two things with the Lakers. He didn't want a total rebuild. He needed to see Lonzo can play. Lonzo can play. He needed to see Brandon Ingram pop. He went from nine to 16 points.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: He's playing well. Yes.

COLIN COWHERD: So LeBron needed to see a little bit of a nice yard, got a decent kitchen. I don't have a bulldozer this thing. He's not going to go--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: So you got him here.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: You're back on LeBron though. I can tell.

COLIN COWHERD: I talked to a football coach who told me last night he's coming. That's how much I know. No. I do believe LeBron needed to signals. And in the last two weeks, he-- you know LeBron. He sits home and watches. That Cavs game's over. He went home and watched the Lakers last night.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: You know who else needed signals?


CHRIS BROUSSARD: Paul George. And the signal is that they're cascading down the standings. And I mean, I can't fathom they won't make the playoffs. But right now, it's in question. But let me ask you this. If you're LeBron, you think the Lakers is definitely better than Philly?

COLIN COWHERD: Big difference. I got two homes in LA. I got two homes in LA. Ingram doesn't have an injury issue. Lonzo doesn't have a history of injury issues. Joel MB does. And Ben Simmons can't shoot threes. LeBron wants to go a-- LA's a better fit. He's here all summer. So let's just start with that.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Well, a lot of players are though.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, they don't have 25 million homes in--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Derek Rose is here in the summer. You want him?

COLIN COWHERD: I don't want him. But-- but LeBron-- Ben Simmons is great, can't shoot. Well, LeBron's not a three point specialist. This is working out. Ingram hits threes. Lonzo hits threes. Kuzma hits threes. LeBron doesn't want to go to a total bulldozing project. He wants to go to a young, emerging roster.

I can argue for Philly. But MB and Simmons don't hit threes and it's a three point--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: But you've got a lot of-- you could surround him with three and D guys.

COLIN COWHERD: LA's got them right now. And they're young. And they're cheap. Meaning, I can bring another star in.