Colin Cowherd reacts to Isaiah Thomas’ play in Lakers loss to Portland: ‘The dude is hard to play with’

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In his reaction to the Los Angeles Lakers losing to the Portland Trail Blazers, Colin Cowherd weighs in on why Isaiah Thomas is to blame for seemingly causing needless drama on every team he joins.

- LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, the other-- they were great. And, then, Kyrie left, and said, I'm tired of LeBron. And, so, they made a deal with Boston. And they got Isaiah Thomas.

And we knew that Kyrie and LeBron had their issues. And, then, LeBron and Isaiah Thomas had their issues. And, then, the natural inclination is, LeBron is hard to deal with.

Kyrie didn't like him. And, now, Isaiah Thomas didn't like him. That LeBron guy, I'm telling you, nobody can get along with him. That's what I read from all the articles.

Because Isaiah Thomas had a great story. He's 5'8". He's last guy drafted. Nobody believes in him. The tragedy in his family with his sister-- he has a great story.

That doesn't make him a great player, or a great teammate. So last night's a prime example. The Lakers, playing very well-- In fact, I think, before last night, they were, like, 8-0 in Lonzo Ball's last eight starts. They were playing Portland. And they played very, very, well.

Damian Lillard, by the way, for the Portland Trailblazers, who is a tremendous player, was absolutely filthy in the fourth quarter. He scored 15 straight points. He was off the chain.

The Lakers couldn't stop him. He's just a great player. And he was absolutely in a groove, Damian Lillard was-- easily, the best player on the floor.

So Isaiah Thomas-- Lakers had this big lead. They had this massive lead last night. They had this very comfortable lead last night, 97-86, five minutes left.

And it all dried up, because Isaiah Thomas said, well, their guard is getting his. I'm going to get mine. And he ended up going five for 21. He was atrocious late, one for nine on threes.

And Isaiah, essentially, last night, got lost in Isaiah Thomas. He actually-- his name, IT, is now ironic. He doesn't fix anything-- bad last 30 seconds for Isaiah Thomas.

The story was, LeBron is difficult to play with. Let me throw something on the screen. As Isaiah Thomas was trying to show the world, I'm the equal to Damien Lillard, last night. Here's Isaiah Thomas's career with Brad Stevens, on the left, and without Brad Stevens, on the right. This is not, nor was it ever, a LeBron issue.

Dude is hard to play with. He was hard to play with in Sacramento. He was hard to play with in Phoenix. He was hard to play with in Cleveland. And, now, he's hard to play with in Los Angeles.

This team had the game. The Lakers won last night. It was over.

Eight point lead, five to go, and Isaiah Thomas decided Damian Lillard's taking off and taken over. I'm going to do it, too. Nah. Isaiah Thomas-- great story, marginal player.

They lost last night, because Isaiah Thomas was incredibly, incredibly difficult to play with. It was never the LeBron issue. It was the IT issue.