Colin Cowherd on how Lonzo’s recent success is beyond encouraging if you want LeBron in L.A.

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Colin Cowherd talks Lonzo Ball and his impact on LeBron James. Find out why Lonzo's recent performance is so encouraging if you are a Lakers fans looking for LeBron to join the squad.

- Before the NBA season started, I said there's a chance LeBron is going to leave Cleveland. And I think the Lakers-- he has two homes in Los Angeles-- have a shot. But he's not going to completely, absolutely rebuild. He's not going to do that. And I said, there's going to be a couple of signs that he's going to need to see.

He doesn't have homes in Philly. He doesn't have homes in Houston. He has two homes in Los Angeles. He has business partners. They all live here in Los Angeles. He's here all summer.

There's two things that LeBron needed to see from the Lakers-- signs that he wasn't moving to a total rebuild-- and both are happening. He needed to see that Lonzo Ball was the point guard of the future, and that the kid could be-- he's not a guy that needs a bunch of shots-- that he could be the traffic cop of the franchise. He officially is.

I watched him again Saturday night. He was the best player on the floor. I watched them last week against Miami. He was the best player on the floor. Lonzo Ball-- 8 and 0-- the last eight games, he started for the Lakers. He's legit. Not saying he's a superstar-- don't think he'll ever be one. The kid can absolutely play. And his shooting post-injury has been terrific.

The second thing LeBron needed to see was that Brandon Ingram-- remember that long kid from Duke-- would pop in year two. He averaged nine last year. He's now at 16 and a half. And Brandon Ingram, who can also occasionally play point guard at 6'9" and a half-- 6'10"-- Brandon Ingram is getting better fast-- 30% shooter-- now 47% shooter. He's shooting threes at nearly, like, a 38% clip.

LeBron needed to see two things happen to consider LA. They have both happened. Lonzo Ball isn't close to a bust-- kid can play. And Brandon Ingram has popped.

I watched the Lakers this weekend. They're not great. They're not great. But he's not going to a city with no homes. If he's going to leave, the place he's going to go with young talent is the place he has two homes and sunshine in a winter league and his business partners all live.

There's a couple other things that are playing into this. Paul George, Oklahoma City, lost this weekend. I watched that one. They're scrapping. They're just scrapping against good, not great, Western Conference teams.

Right now, Oklahoma City is a seventh seed. If they were Houston hot, Paul George would stay with Westbrook. They are struggling against good teams in the west. Right now they're a seventh seed. And just ask yourself-- if this was the Lakers lineup next year-- Lonzo Ball at point, Paul George, LeBron, Brandon Ingram-- outside of Golden State, who would clearly be better-- who couldn't they play with? Who couldn't they play with?

Tom Penn, a former NBA executive, was on our show Friday. He's not rooting for anything. He runs the LAFC-- president and CEO of that team. Actually, I could argue having LeBron in the city focuses attention away from his new soccer club. But he said, he thinks he's coming.

- I think the Lakers have enough young-- the way Cleveland had enough proven young players-- where LeBron could come in and immediately bring him into the conversation. You've seen, and we're still going to see, flashes of brilliance that give you the thought that OK, he's here. He's got enough there.

It's like what Kyrie Irving was doing early. Then LeBron went in there, and boom, he took off. That's what young players do. They just advance and get better. I think you're going to see that here with Lonzo.

- Well, you are-- and Brandon Ingram. Not to mention, Julius Randle and Kyle Kuzma have been shockingly good this year.