Colin Cowherd reveals what John Elway is saying by Denver targeting Kirk Cousins

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Colin Cowherd reveals what John Elway is saying by Denver targeting Kirk Cousins. Would Cousins fit well with the Broncos?

- NFL combine. They're going to start. Athletes will be on the field today. And nobody wants to say anything, but people are saying things without saying things. And what I mean by that, is, in the last 25-some years, people have called me occasionally for a job reference. Hey, what about this guy? Is he any good? Or, what about this, boss? And if I say no comment, it's actually a huge comment.

What do you think of him as a boss? No comment. That's actually a massive comment. He's not a good boss, she's not a good boss, whatever. So at the combine, nobody wants to say anything. Nobody wants to badmouth a player, but people say things without saying things.

Here's a story that was reported today by Yahoo Sports, and I'll take it to be true and accurate, that the Denver Broncos are heavily targeting quarterback Kirk Cousins of Washington. So what is John Elway telling you? He's got the number five pick in the draft. They need a quarterback. Darnold's going to be gone, Rosen's going to be gone. What is he telling you? Is he telling you that he loves Kirk Cousins? No, because the story says, "There's factors involved. They want to limit the number of years. They want to limit the guaranteed money."

He's not telling you that he loves Kirk Cousins. What he's telling you, he doesn't like Baker Mayfield. Darnold's gone, Rosen's gone, they need a quarterback, and Kirk Cousins is their guy. And he's telling you he'd rather pay Kirk Cousins, a middle of the pack guy, $25 million than draft a guy that I'm told is going to be amazing, Baker Mayfield. And I totally agree with John Elway.

Kirk Cousins, lot of discussion. How good is he? We all know exactly what Kirk Cousins is. He's got 57 NFL starts. That is a lot of starts. That's three full years of starts. I mean, three full years is 48. He's got 57, so it's like 3 and 1/2 years of starts. We know what he is. Last year he was ninth in yards per pass attempt. He was 13th in touchdown interception ratio. He was ninth in completion percentage. He was 12th in passer rating.

Kirk Cousins is a slightly above average, yet very durable quarterback talent. He's never missed a start due to an injury. So he's a slightly above average quarterback talent. Now, he's not good enough to overcome a really bad offensive line, or a really bad head coach, or an offense that doesn't have a lot of weapons. We saw it last year. Jordan Reed gets hurt, DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon out of town, offensive line banged up, he's not as good.

But if this story is true, and I read all of it this morning, it's telling you two things in a week when nobody wants to talk. The Denver Broncos like Kirk Cousins. They don't love him. They don't want to guarantee him a ton. They don't want this to go on forever. But with the fifth pick and Rosen and Darnold gone, they like him more than Baker Mayfield, who everybody keeps telling me, is going to be a home run.

So nobody wants to tell you anything at the combine. John Elway just told you through Yahoo Sports, that.