Nick Wright does not agree with Colin Cowherd at all when it comes to Zaza Pachulia

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Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd to talk about the NBA's handling of Zaza Pachulia after his incident with Russell Westbrook.

COLIN COWHERD: OK, by the way, two brilliant people in America, myself and Adam Silver, both agree that Zaza shouldn't be fined or suspended. How does that sit with you knowing that Adam Silver and myself are reasonable and you're out in loony crazy territory?

NICK WRIGHT: It doesn't sit with me well, at all, because you and Adam Silver are two of my favorite people in the world, and two people that are rarely so clearly on the wrong side of an issue. Colin, I know that it's been a long time since you were an elite athlete.


NICK WRIGHT: However, I have seen the covers of your books and you claim those are photoshopped. So I imagine that you know what it's like when you fall, how you fall, and that typically, even if someone hits the back of your knee and tips you forward, as happened to Zaza allegedly, the way you try to do it is brace your fall. The best way to brace your fall is not to aim your right hand at Russell Westbrook's crotch and your body at his ankles. Zaza is a skill-less goon with no place in this league. The NBA decided they couldn't prove the intent. So they didn't say fine or suspend him. The Warriors could have sat him and they should have. And I heard you yesterday talking about, that it is OK for guys to worry when they go into the lane.


NICK WRIGHT: It's OK-- I agree with you. Which is why a hard foul when the guy's trying to dunk on you is one thing. But waiting for a guy to be in his most vulnerable position and flopping on top of him is totally different. I felt very different. I feel very different about a blindside block during an NFL play than what Gronk did to a prone, defenseless, Tre'Davious White on the sideline. Zaza Pachulia has a history of going after MVP candidates at their most vulnerable. Kawhi Leonard, on his way down. Russell Westbrook, at midcourt last year. Russell Westbrook after the play two days ago. That is not an NBA move. That is not a basketball play. There is no place in the league for Zaza Pachulia.

And I will say to the Warriors here, what I said this morning. You got two MVPs, you got 73 wins, you got the greatest shooting back court ever, you've got the greatest stretch of regular season success in the history of the sport. Why do you need him? You're light years ahead. Remember everybody? Joe Lacob, Bob Myers, Steve Kerr, you're smarter than everyone, you're faster than everyone, you're better shooting than everyone, you're better looking than everyone. Why do you need this goon? Why do you need Zaza Pachulia? Because he's 223 in the NBA in points, and you just can't make do without him? It is embarrassing to the league that the marquee franchise employs and encourages the single dirtiest player in the league.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, the Pistons did that a few times and I like those guys.