Colin Cowherd praises Koby Altman for energizing LeBron James

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Colin Cowherd talks Koby Altman and LeBron James. Did the Cavaliers GM save Cleveland's season by bringing in new players to play with 'The King'?

- You know, I've always talked about this. There are three stages of being an icon. And when I say an icon-- and this counts for our current President, this counts for business people, this counts for singers, comedians, sports stars-- there's three stages to be an icon. Number one is, I'm gonna show you how talented I am. Eminem releases an album, you're like, wow, holy man. LeBron breaks into the league. Kobe breaks into the league. Elon Musk breaks into business.

The first stage is, I'm gonna show you how great I am. You got a lot of energy. You're young. You make mistakes. But, man, you just burrow through them. You're going 1,000 miles an hour skiing down that hill, man. You are going 1,000 miles an hour. The first stage of an eventual icon is, look how much talent I have.

And then there is the second stage to the icon. And the second stage is the accumulation of titles, and achievements, and Emmys, and Grammys. Now you start winning awards. Because after five or six years of showing everybody how great you are-- oo, he does good music-- oo, he can really act-- oh, she can really act-- oh, he's a good business guy-- oo, he's smarter than everybody-- the second stage for LeBron, and Kobe, and Jay-Z, and Eminem, and the great comedians-- winning awards. Your peers bestow upon you respect.

So the first stage is, look how funny, look how great, look how talented. The second is awards, critical acclaim, achievement. The third stage, though, and you think this is the best stage, but it's got problems, too-- it's called the mogul stage. Now you've shown everybody how great you are. Now you've won your Grammy. You've won your Comedian of the Year. You've won your Oscar. You've won your NBA titles.

Now the brand becomes number one. It's not that you're not still great. But it's easy to get content. It's easy to get lazy. It's easy to get bored. It's easy to get fried. LeBron James is in the mogul stage.

Now, Justin Timberlake and Eminem in the last couple of months have both released an album. Neither one of them is being well-received. Now, why would that be, because we know they're both smarter than they've ever been. They're more worldly than they've ever been. They are more experienced than they've ever been. They've got a greater set of producers and writers than they ever had.

But yet both of those CDs aren't as good as their best early work. And why is that? Because they're not inspired. And that my friends, is the problem with the mogul stage. Kobe Bryant scored 60 in his last game-- one last inspiration. He could have scored 50 and 60 the previous month every night. He needed inspiration.

Taylor Swift was great. Now she's content. Mogul stage-- works not as good. LeBron James, it's not an excuse. It's a reason. When you move into the mogul stage, you can still be fantastic.

But it is harder to be engaged. It is harder to be inspired. Because you got your money. You've shown everybody how good you are. You have your rings. You're now a-- you're now a mogul. You're at the top of the mountain.

You can still be the best guy skiing down it. But you need inspiration. And it's hard when you're rich. And it's hard when you've already checked the first two boxes of the icon status. I've always said this about comedians. Comedians come out. And they show you a funny work. And then they get on a TV show. And they make a bunch of money.

And then comedians start buying their third, fourth, fifth house. And they're not as funny anymore. Why? Because comedians are the little guys. They make fun of the rich and powerful. But what happens when the paradigm shifts and the comedian is rich and powerful? Then they start lecturing you. They start telling you who you have to vote for or you're stupid. And they're not funny anymore.

But then occasionally, that great comedian can reel off a Netflix special, or a Showtime special, or an HBO special. And you're like, damn. Bro's still got it. He's always had it. But he's in the third stage of icon. And that's mogul.

And LeBron James, after 14 years being the centerpiece of this league, was completely fried. And he wasn't playing very well. And then the rookie GM, Koby Altman, surrounded him with a bunch of young, long, athletic fun guys. And you saw what happened yesterday.