Chris Broussard on Cavs’ blockbuster trade deal: ‘These moves clearly make them the best in the East’

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In his discussion with Doug Gottlieb and Kristine Leahy, Chris Broussard reveals why he believes Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas' exit from Cleveland coupled with the additions of Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood and George Hill automatically make LeBron's Cavs the best team in the Eastern Conference.

- Nobody thought the Cavs were going to be a to make a blockbuster deal. You thought it would be a minor deal or two. But when you make three deals like they've made, three minor deals, I guess, they add up to a blockbuster move. This has been-- it's hard to remember seeing anything like this. I think you have to give the Cavs' front office, Koby Altman, the rookie GM, a lot of credit. They got younger, they've gotten more energetic, they got more athletic, they cleared up logjams.

Now we talked earlier. You got Clarkson, Rose and Wade. Now you got Clarkson. He's coming off the bench. He's that score off the bench.


- I think they've done a great job.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: Look, I think-- look, they've obviously gotten younger. They've gotten a little bit more versatile. Let's start with the obvious--

- They replaced a lot of the shooting that they sent away.


- I'm not saying Hill and Hood are awesome shooters, but they're good three-point shooters.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: And let's be honest, what Hill provides you is, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance and Rodney Hood, they're probably too young to really help you in the finals. Now, they're older than some of the young players the Warriors have coming off the bench.

- Yeah.

- But they haven't played-- Rodney Hood's played in playoff games, but Clarkson and Nance have not. So the likelihood they really help you deep into the NBA playoffs, not great. George Hill has.

- Well, I think they can help you certainly in the East.

- OK. But George Hill has. Right? George Hill has. He's played in some wars before. So no matter how well or how poorly he's played, you have to have experienced the higher level of importance of every possession and every game in the playoffs in order to succeed in the playoffs. So I like that. But doesn't this admit that all of the off season moves were suboptimal?


- I mean, all those guys are gone.

- No question. But you know what? You made a mistake, which even the great Jerry West made mistakes as a GM. And you corrected them immediately. Virtually immediately. You saw it wasn't working out and you corrected them. I have to give him credit for that rather than sit there and talk about how these things didn't work.

I was saying, as were others, they needed to get rid of Isaiah Thomas somehow. Whether it was trading him, bringing him off the bench, buy him out or whatever. But when you think about it, they've done it after what, 14, 15 games? Whatever it was he played. That is incredible.


- And look, I think these moves clearly make them the best team in the East. And I think they would have won the East anyway. It's far too early to say they can play with Golden State. You have to see how these pieces come together. They've got an entirely new back court. I think their style of play may change a little bit. So you have to see how these guys mesh on the court. But I think they're a better team. I don't think there's any question about that.