Colin Cowherd thinks a one-year retirement isn’t off the board for LeBron James

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Find out why Colin thinks it is possible LeBron is a little burned out at this point in his career.

COLIN COWHERD: Lebron's been the most talked about guy for 14 years. In the East, where Goran Dragic, if he was in your living room, you wouldn't notice him, is an All-star in the East. Where John Wall leaves the Wizards, and they're better without him. Folks, is it possible we could scale back a little on LeBron and say, he's bored, and a little fried?

The Warriors have been in the spotlight for an hour, and Steve Kerr says, our guys need to get away from each other. Lebron's been the talk of the league for 14 years, in the mostly embarrassing Eastern Conference. Can't you give him a little space, on he's sort of bored, when he looks down and goes, Jayson Tatum? John Wall and Bradley Beal? Victor Oladipo? Goran Dragic?

One, he's bored. And it is possible that he's a little burned out. I said this last week. I think the percentages are low on this. But I don't think it's a 100% off the board that LeBron would retire for one year to recalibrate. Jordan did it twice.

Just think about this. Michael Jordan, without social media, retired twice. People said, gambling, burnout, too much.

15 years. Steve Kerr's like, my guys are fried. Some of this in Cleveland could be, he's just, he's worn out. Of us, teammates, the spotlight. He's worn out. I'm going to give him a little pass on that.