Dak Prescott: ‘I’ve got to make sure I work on every aspect of my game’

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott tells Colin Cowherd what he's working on heading into his third NFL season. Prescott looks to bounce back after a rocky year following his stellar rookie campaign.

- Dak, you've got two full years, an encyclopedia, an archive of film. What is the one thing you're going to work on going into your third year?

- It's tough, Colin. It's tough to just say one thing. I'm only two years in, as you just said it, two full years. And a lot of ups in the first year and the second year was bumpy up and down.

So I've learned a bunch. And it's hard for me to say that there's one thing. I think going forward, I've just got to make sure I work on every aspect of my game.

If it's being a leader on and off the field, if it's making sure I keep my feet under me and making sure I make all the throws consistently and accurately. So accuracy is one of the things I'm making sure that I focus on. But it's hard for me to just say one thing right now.