Colin Cowherd on LeBron: ‘He is absolutely so done psychologically and emotionally with Cleveland’

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Colin Cowherd examines the factors that caused LeBron James to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat in the past, comparing those situations to what he is currently facing in his second stint with the Cavs. Where will LeBron call home next season?

- If you really look at why LeBron has left two places-- he left Cleveland the first time, and we didn't think that. That's why they burned jerseys. Nobody thought he was going to leave Cleveland. Why did LeBron leave Cleveland the first time? And I always theorized here was the reason.

Because LeBron played in the Olympics. He didn't play in the Olympics the first couple of years in the league and, eventually, puts a few years in to Cleveland. And he goes and plays at the Olympics and he starts practicing with 12 other All-NBA players. And so that's ribeye steak. That's the Ritz Carlton. Then, he comes back to Cleveland and it's flank steak, and it's the Motel 6, Cavs roster. And it really hit him.

And this has happened to all of us. You're like, oh, damn. I'm wasting the good years of my life. I'm in a bad relationship. This has happened to all of us. It's a smack in the face. Wow, this is uneven. I'm way better than my teammates. They're not pushing me. I'm carrying these guys.

How many are you guys are-- women listening-- have thought that in your life? So LeBron goes to the Olympics and practices for a month with all these great players for the first time in his life. He went from high school, didn't go to college. He went high school to the Cavs. The first time he got to play with great players was at the Olympics. And when he came home and he practiced again with the Cavs, he thought, I'm wasting years of my life.

And then, why did he leave Miami? Once again, team got old. D Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Battier, he didn't want to be saddled with old guys. He felt it was an uneven, unhealthy relationship. He was carrying, not only lesser players, but guys always getting hurt.

I'm looking at this story on Kevin Love. Isaiah Thomas, 5' 8", bad hip. Kevin Love out eight weeks. D Wade saving himself for big games. Has Derrick Rose even played? Tristan Thompson missed a month because of a calf injury. And I'm thinking, it's one of those moments, man. This is why he left Cleveland. This is why he left Miami. It's unhealthy now.

And he's always been the best player, but now, it's physically unhealthy. It's uneven. He never gets hurt. And nobody in Cleveland can stay healthy. He is so out of Cleveland. He is so out of Cleveland.

I put LeBronzo meter in the garage. This week, I have brought it back. I have-- it is under construction, the LeBronzo meter. He is absolutely so done, psychologically and emotionally, with Cleveland. Once again, he's in a completely unhealthy and uneven relationship. If you're in one, get out.