Chris Broussard believes the Lakers should trade Lonzo Ball to get LeBron James

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Joining Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd, Chris Broussard reveals why he believes the Los Angeles Lakers should trade Lonzo Ball to get LeBron James.

- I believe, with good reason, that LeBron James does not want to come to LA to join a circus with LaVar Ball. So, if you're the Lakers, and you could get LeBron, but it meant you had to get rid of LaVar, which means you'd have to trade Lonzo, what would you do?

- I would take LeBron.

- OK, you would trade LaVar.

Now, the only thing that makes it a question is the age. But you still would do it?

- Yeah, because LeBron is still the best player in the league. And let's be cynical. Let's say LeBron is also going to be the next-best player in the league, next year, for one more year. And then, after that, he'll have three more years where he's a top-eight player-- top-10.

- So, four years left as a top-10 player?

- OK, Lonzo is never going to be a top-10 player in the league. Now, I do think he's a culture-changer. I do think the team-- like-- like interior decorating, it makes you feel good. He's-- he's a good vibe in the room. Players like to play with him.

But if you told me I could trade Lonzo and the headache known as LaVar, and get LeBron, I'd do it tomorrow. What would you do?

- Well, I-- I asked you the question, sorry. I probably would do LeBron, because I mean, the question-- obviously, he's older. Like you said, four more years. Maybe three, four years, I think, as a top-10 player, he's probably got. Is he going to get you a championship? I don't know. But it certainly makes you relevant, and you're an elite contender all of a sudden, like that.

So I would do it.

COLIN COWHERD: No, no. Time out. You started this, though, this is what's interesting-- you didn't just throw this out there. You didn't just say, I'm Chris Broussard, zany opinion. You said-- your first sentence was what?


- No no

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --with good reason--

- OK. Now let's say that again.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I just believe, with good reason.

- So, good reason means you got one source, but not four. That's what that means.

- No, it just-- you know, I talk to people around this situation. And-- and I've said it, even before talking to people. Look, why would LeBron join the circus?

COLIN COWHERD: No no no no no. This-- listen, I think LaVar--

- And, you know, I've talked to people about that, too. And they've felt like I have.

- I think the LaVar comments about Luke are-- get over it. He's a goofball.

But, now that's a separate issue. What you're saying is, LeBron's got a brand. You're not going to be held hostage by, you know, Lithuanian basketball coach. You're not going to be held hostage by that goofiness.

- And that's what it would be, kind of held-- being held hostage, because you never know what LaVar might say. You know, put the ball in Lonzo's hands. Lebron's not care-- you know, he's dribbling too much. He's running offense too much. What-- it could be anything.

- Listen, this is the way college basketball works. Let's think of-- what's the best brand in college basketball, the most dignified brand? Duke. OK, Kentucky may be the glamor program, but Duke is the most dignified college-- I would say --college sports elite brand.

Well, Mike Krzyzewski makes decisions all the time. We'll pass on him. We'll take him. We'll pass on him. Why? He doesn't want the Duke, Coach K, brand to be tarnished.

LeBron's saying to himself, listen, man, I can go anywhere. I'm not going to go to a cir-- I don't want the end of my career to be MJ and the Wizards, which is kind of a mess.

Like, you don't want your career-- like it-- I said this. Derek Jeter, I think, thought about I could get one more year. But Tampa was a mess, and that's where he was at. He didn't want to end it that way.

I think guys all the time-- even Tom Brady. Like, if they moved off him, and would have kept Garoppolo, Tom would leave. Montana left. He left to a solid franchise at the time, Kansas City.

So I agree with you. I think LaVar is a complete turnoff for-- for LeBron.

- No question. So that-- that's something the Lakers have to figure out. I love Lonzo. I think he's got a great upside. I think, as I've said, maybe he could end up being like a Jason Kidd. But if you want to get LeBron, you might have to figure something out.