Terry Bradshaw analyzes Marcus Williams’ technique vs Stefon Diggs on the final play of Vikings-Saints

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Terry Bradshaw joins Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd to discuss Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs catching the game-winning touchdown pass against New Orleans Saints free safety Marcus Williams during the fourth quarter in the NFC Divisional Playoff football game.


- Can you explain to me the defensive back for the Saints on the final play? I don't understand. It seems obvious to me what you should do, which is, Vikings are out of time outs--

- Right.

- Just hold him. I mean, when you watch-- what was Jimmy Johnson's theory on this?

- Jimmy, Jimmy thinks that, because this is what Jimmy said, Jimmy said, and he's flying to Miami right now so he can't hear me say this. But Jimmy thinks that, he said he probably told him on the sideline, look, don't get a pass interference. All right? Clock stops, boom, you get the yardage. You know, which, by the way, I think is the dumbest rule in the NFL. You throw a 50-yard pass interference, you get the ball, spot foul right there? I hate that rule.

INTERVIEWER: No, it's college--

- I love college. Go back, give 15 yards.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, it's amazing to me how punitive--

- And that had-- and I would never second-guess Jimmy Johnson, because he should be in the Hall of Fame.


- And it's just a shame he isn't. But I disagree, because the way that Williams, the defensive back, ducked his head, we see that so many times. They duck their head and go in and knock them off their feet.

INTERVIEWER: That's what I thought.

- Just stay back. You stay to the outside. It's cover two, two deep safeties, you're staying underneath. You, and you've got to keep your eye on him. Go up, wrap him, keep him in bounds. Game over.


- Game over.

INTERVIEWER: See, I, the kid's a rookie. Listen, I'll--

- He played great at interception earlier in the game.


- This is sometimes how the-- you lose technique. You cannot-- the one thing, you coach in the NFL, and college, is technique. Jim Moore just got, one of the great, one of the great coaches, I can't wait for him to get another head coaching job. I love this guy. But one of the things he's good at is teaching technique. Went to Atlanta. Technique, technique, technique. And when you duck that head, or when you jump in the air with the ball, you're not, you're no longer an athlete. You lose control. And when you duck that head, you get embarrassed. And he got embarrassed.