Chris Mannix says the Celtics would beat the Cavs right now in a 7 game series

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Chris Mannix joins Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy to discuss the Boston Celtics challenging LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern conference.

- LeBron truther drive me crazy a little bit. Like Nick Writes a LeBron truther too. Like we do this-- I back and forth with him all the time about where Cleveland is. And the LeBron truthers just believe, like who cares about the regular season. It doesn't matter. LeBron, the Cavs, will turn up in the playoffs. That is about the dumbest argument when it comes to this season that I could possibly hear. Boston's threat to them this year is real. Boston right now would beat them in a seven game series.

Boston's defense is night and day compared to what the Cavaliers are. And the Celtics are getting better. And I'm not so sure when I look at the Cavaliers that I see them getting that much better before the end of the season. Yes Isaiah Thomas is going to improve them offensively, but what is their problem Kahn? They were the third best offensive team in the NBA when Isaiah Thomas came back. Their problem is that Minnesota's blowing them out. That Orlando's putting 127 on them. I know the playoffs are different, the game slows down. Can you trust Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown? These are valid. I trust Jayson Tatum. I trust Jayson.

- He's 19. Oh Chris, God.

- He is a brilliant offensive player.

- I don't trust my 19-year-old to babysit.

- I trust him is a third option. I don't trust him to be the man.

- Who's going to guard LeBron? They gave away Jae Crowder.

- Difficult, but OK. Difficult to guard LeBron, right. But they'll throw multiple guys at him, and make somebody else beat them. Plus there-- you know, you ask-- and I've asked people in Cleveland this too. Like Cavalier, after the Cavs got smoked by Boston just a week and a half ago. This Boston team is better because of their defensive versatility. The pick and roll is the bread and butter play in today's NBA, right. Everybody runs it Boston switches everything. They might be the only team in the league that at certain times during a game, they can switch 1 through 5. So it's not going to be one guy and LeBron. It's going to be, OK I'm going to switch Brown with Tatum. We're going to switch Brown with Horford. It's not perfect, but they play-- they have more defensive versatility than A team and basketbal Rod. And that's going to be a real asset against the Cavs.