Colin reacts to the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs defeating the No. 2 Sooners: ‘Oklahoma gave it away last night!’

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Reflecting on No. 3 Georgia defeating No. 2 Oklahoma, Colin Cowherd reveals how Lincoln Riley, Baker Mayfield and the Sooners lost their confidence, which in turn, allowed Kirby Smart, Jake Fromm and Bulldogs to control the tempo of the game and win the Rose Bowl.

- Confidence is a weird thing. Like you would think tall, beautiful people would have confidence every day. You would think rich stars would have confidence every day. You would think the great athlete would have confidence every day. But confidence is weird. Even among the handsome, even among the fortunate, even among the tall, even among the athletic, even among the beautiful, even among the rich. Confidence waverers, confidence wavers. People lose it fast.

I read a story a month ago, George Clooney's like, I've got to get out of acting. My movies aren't selling. I'm like you had a bad movie, get over it. That's what confidence-- you think you have it forever. You don't. Most people don't. Even the great ones. I can remember Alex Rodriguez, A-rod, best player on the planet. They dropped him to eighth in the batting order. He lost the mojo.

So here are the Oklahoma Sooners last night. Congrats to Georgia-- But Oklahoma lost that game. Oklahoma averaged 45-points a game this year. Oklahoma averaged 583-yards a game. And I know what you're saying, Colin, come on, it's the Big 12. They had 300 against Georgia in the first half. They moved at will. At will. You know the score was at half, right? They had over 30.

Oklahoma-- all the confidence in the world. But let's go to the first overtime. Georgia gets the ball first-- field goal. Oklahoma's ball. Oklahoma is driving up and down the field. Almost 600-yards offense yesterday. It's fourth-and-one with Baker Mayfield. The best college quarterback right? That's what you tell me.

Here's Oklahoma with a chance for a tired defense. Both defenses were tired-- the tackling was awful last night. And Oklahoma has got to call a timeout. What should we do? What should you do? It's fourth-and-1-- 500-some yards, Baker Mayfield you go for it. You go for it! Instead, Oklahoma lost their confidence. I'm not sure-- let's call a time out-- what should we do? OK let's settle for a tie and go to the next overtime.

What are you doing? You're Oklahoma! It's Baker Mayfield! It's fourth and one! You've got the best O-line maybe in the country outside of Alabama. You may have the best O-line in the country! Forth-and-one! 583-yards a game! 300 yards in the first half-- It's overtime, even Georgia's great athletes are tired. And you decided on a field goal to tie it? That's coaching scared!

Forget the fact-- forget this-- that Oklahoma's defense was atrocious last night. So you are willing to go into a second overtime with the inferior defense. That's coaching scared! It's not like you had the Steelers 1975 defense. We'll just keep playing-- we'll take a chance with our defense. Your defense was awful. You couldn't stop the run all night. And now it's four hours into a game-- your players are tired. I mean, Georgia's were tired, but they had more depth. Yours were tired, you had no depth. And you decide to kick a field goal? With Baker Mayfield? On a fourth-and-that?

Then, how about the other moment for Oklahoma last night coaching scared? Before half, leading 31-14, you just scored a touchdown, you have all the momentum in the world. There are six seconds left in half, you squib a kick. You have not, Oklahoma, surrendered a kickoff touchdown return in six years. Not once, in six years. You didn't have the confidence to just kick it down the field and go cover Georgia. How many kickoff returns for a touchdown does Georgia have in the last three years? Certainly not many against teams like Oklahoma. But Georgia recovered it, made a few yards, kicked a field goal, and stole all the momentum going into half.

For all the brashness of Oklahoma, for all the brashness of their history, for all the brashness of Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma coach scared last night. You've got the best football player. They give awards out. It's called the Heisman. . Your guy wins. He's Mr. 500-yards a game. You had 500-yards. It's overtime. It's the biggest stage, and you call a timeout and talk yourself out of going for it? What are you doing? What are you doing?

Georgia played with SEC confidence. Georgia played like a massive underdog. Georgia played like they had nothing to lose. Congratulations to Georgia. Now you're going to get beat by Alabama. And you're going to get beat badly by Alabama. But congratulations. Congratulations on playing and coaching with confidence. Go look at the box score last night. First downs-- edge Oklahoma. Third down efficiency-- huge edge Oklahoma. Yards-- Oklahoma. Yards-per-pass-- Oklahoma. Penalties-- Oklahoma had one all night. Time-of-possession. Come on. Oklahoma had it and gave it away.

And I know what you're saying Georgia fans, give us credit. I'm not visa. I'm not MasterCard. I'm not in the credit business. I'm in the honesty business. Oklahoma gave that football game away last night. Congrats to Georgia and their coaches for playing their butt off and playing with confidence. And playing like a huge underdog even though they weren't. Enjoy it for a week. You're going to be beaten badly by Alabama who does not lose to quarterbacks who don't run. Not overly athletic who don't really throw the ball deep down the field much. It's going to be ugly.