Great Moments in Quarterbacking: Nathan Peterman edition

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This edition of 'Great Moments in Quarterbacking' breaks down QB Nathan Peterman's start for the Buffalo Bills against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 11 of the NFL.

MUSIC PLAYS] SPEAKER: And now, the Herd presents another episode of "Great Moments in Quarterbacking." The date, November 19, 2017. The site, Los Angeles.

The Buffalo Bills came to town locked in a tight playoff race when they did what any winning team would naturally do, bench their starting quarterback for someone nobody's ever heard of. Rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman. But the top NFL scouts knew Peterman, and they all said he reminded them of Tom Brady in that he had two arms, two legs, and was a guy.

Peterman came out hot, completing 11 of his 14 pass attempts. Which is impressive, if you don't ask who caught five of those passes. Everyone watching that day could see that starting Peterman was a very smart move, just as smart as playing a football game inside a poorly designed soccer stadium. Ultimately, Peterman found himself on the bench. But nobody will ever forget the day that they saw Buffalo Bills go number two.

This has been "Great Moments in Quarterbacking."