Prescott or Wentz: Colin reveals which QB is a transformative talent and which is just a franchise quarterback

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Colin Cowherd compares the performances by quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott in a big NFC East Week 11 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

COLIN COWHERD: So last night was the Cowboys/Eagles. But it was as much about Carson Wentz against Dak Prescott. Both in their second year. Both really talented. And both were missing a left tackle, and both were missing a top linebacker, and both were missing a running back, and both have solid, not great coaches. And you saw clarity.

One guy is a transformative talent, and one guy is just a franchise quarterback. Let me give you an example, and this is what happens all the time. We get fooled until something side-by-side. If you were driving in America, it could be Wyoming, it could be rural New York. You're on a quiet highway and a Corvette pulls up next to you, and you look over at that Corvette and you're like, man, look at those mags, look at that car. That thing is really impressive. Then It drives off.

And then an hour later, a Maserati pulls up next to you, and you're like, wow, look at that car. That's fast. And you're thinking, boy those were two amazing sports cars. But if the Corvette and the Maserati pulled up simultaneously, one cost you 50 grand, one cost you close to 200.

One is one of the fastest cars ever created. One's a sports car. Carson Wentz, he's a Maserati. And by the way, Dak is a Corvette. There's nothing wrong with Corvettes. Corvettes are fun and affordable, but side-by-side, come on, now, it's not close. Let's be honest about this.

Carson Wentz is a first-round talent, and Dak got drafted in the fourth for a reason. I know, I know, I know, Russell Wilson went in the third. I know, I know, I know, Tony Romo went undrafted. I know, I know, I know, Tom Brady he went in the sixth. I know, I know, I know, Joe Montana went third. They are outliers, folks.

You get what you pay for with quarterbacks. The first two rounds, that's where most of the great ones come from-- Elway, Marino, Bradshaw, Aikman, big man Favre, Peyton Manning, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, the number one supplemental, Stabler, Jim Kelly, Bob Griese. By the way, all the young people we like-- Goff, and Wentz, and Deshaun Watson, and Andrew Luck were also first rounders.

Come on, man, you sized those guys up last night. Dak was missing a left tackle, so was Wentz. Dak missing a top linebacker, so was Wentz. Dak missing a running back, so was Wentz. Both have solid coaches. And on the road, Carson Wentz is absolutely unbelievable.

If you had a checklist of what you want your quarterback to be-- size. One of these guys is 6' 2", 230. The other is 6' 5", 240 and more athletic, and has a better arm, and has better feet, and has a next-level it quality.

You put Town on the same field, there's not always a huge gap, but you get clarity. Saturday night, USC/UCLA played. You had Josh Rosen, and then you had Sam Darnold. And they'd both been great all year, but a lot of you felt, ah, Darnold is that guy and Rosen's team can't win, and then you watched them Saturday side-by-side, and you're like, oh, Josh Rosen, he's more polished, he's more refined, he's ready to be the best player in this draft.

Darnold would probably go two, and he's going to be really good. But boy, he looked a little unpolished at times next to Rosen. I mean, this isn't close. We like Dak, but you've got to love Wentz. You see this all the time in college basketball. Where a Jimmer Fredette, a Buddy Hield, Shabazz Napier against college guys. You're like man that guy is a baller.

Then you see him in the Summer League against average pros, and your like, he's not that much of a baller. Then you see him against like NBA players and you're like, oh, he won't be in the league. He won't be in the league forever. Great. Last night was great versus good. That's what last night was. Same road, same basketball court, same football field.