BRONZINGIS? Chris Broussard explains why LeBron James would join Kristaps Porzingis and the Knicks

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In his conversation with Colin Cowherd, Chris Broussard reveals why LeBron James playing on the New York Knicks with Kristaps Porzingis makes the most sense if The King were to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- I'm going to throw up a graphic, and I want you to react to it. Everybody's talking LeBron either stays in Cleveland or goes to LA. Can we put this graphic up? What about this, Bronzingis.

- [LAUGHS] So now you're off Bronzi-- what was it, Bronzino?

- LeBronzo.

- LeBronzo, yeah.

- What about Bronzingis, LeBron going to New York, staying-- staying smartly in the East? OK, Porzingis now is clearly a star.

- Yes.

- And I-- by the way, he's not only a star, it's-- he's just tapping into his stardom.

- Yes.

- Like he's not at his peak yet. And there are routine nights where he's a 30-point score and a dominant presence. You know how LeBron monitors this league. Is there anything LeBron saying, if I can get one more. If you go Porzingis, LeBron, and another top player, good night Boston.

- Well, I'm with you on this. He would be better off, if he leaves Cleveland. And you know, I've said it before, go to San Antonio. I think you'll win another ring or two there. But if he leaves Cleveland, and he wants to go to a big market, and that's important, then he is better off with the Knicks than with the Lakers.

I'm with you, stay in the East. Now, I know you got Philadelphia that's gonna come up, but it's still not the West. And for the next few years, Philadelphia won't be a-- you know, they'll-- if they stay healthy, they'll reach their peak a few years from now.

- Let me just throw this thing at you. I know everybody loves Embiid. OK, four years, 43 games.

- I'm with you. He never has played a full year in his life.

- In his life.

- Not just in the pros. And so you're right. That's some-- so I-- even if Philly stays healthy for the next couple of years, LeBron can match up with Simmons, and obviously is better than Simmons at this point. And Porzingis can, at least, match up with Embiid. Now he'll-- you know--

- Listen--

- Embiid's too strong for him. But he could pull Embiid out and hit 3s on him, so. I-- look, I agree. New York, if he doesn't go to San Antonio--

- God, Porzingis.

- And as he leaves Cleveland, go to New York, period. Don't go to the Lakers. Porzingis is better than anybody that's on the Lakers or that will be on the Lakers, other than LeBron if he were to go there.

- No question.

- He's better than Paul George--

- I'm gonna tell you something.

- Brandon Ingram, Kuzma, Lonzo, all them.

- You worked at the New York Times, I was talking to Kristine about this the other day. Listen, I would love to see Jon Gruden go back into coaching. It's more interesting. I have only been to Madison Square Garden a couple of times.

But the West now is so heavy. It's just bad. Like, I said this, in college football, USC needs to be good. You don't want it to be midwest and southern heavy. We need--

- Yes.

- Right now the Wizards are good. The Celtics are good. The Sixers are interesting. God, does the NBA need New York to be relevant. Like, I-- I find myself this morning waking up and thinking, that would be fascinating.

- If LeBron went to New York next year, they would reach the finals.

- Absolutely.

- Unless he has some amazing drop off because of his age, but they would reach the finals. And that's great. And-- and I'm telling you, Porzingis is the truth.

- Oh God, he's great.

- And that would be-- they would be able to, at least somewhat, match up with Golden State. You add a couple other pieces.

- It'd be so much fun. I just-- I can't--

- If he leaves Cleveland.