Colin on Cam Newton and the Panthers’ win over Miami: ‘Last night didn’t prove anything’

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Reflecting on the Carolina Panthers' win over the Miami Dolphins where Cam Newton tallied four touchdowns, Colin Cowherd reveals his biggest knock on Carolina's self-proclaimed Superman.

- Cam Newton played very, very well last night. And I haven't even checked, but I can just imagine my Twitter feed. "Colin, Colin, did you see Cam Newton?"

Yeah, I predicted Carolina would win the division. You remember several months ago when I said Atlanta is going to pull back. They're frauds, that Carolina's got the best players in the division, and Carolina's going to win the division.

And they're going to double their win total with the LA Rams doing the same. You remember that? Congrats on beating an unwatchable Miami team at home.

But Cam set his own bar higher than that. Cam's own bar is higher than Jay Cutler and a non-playoff team in the AFC. Yes, Cam had four touchdowns last night. He also had, in his previous four games, two touchdowns total and six picks.

That's always been my issue with Cam, the Jekyll and Hyde thing. They've played two good teams this year, Saints and Eagles, at home, lost both of them. Yet they went to New England and played great.

Elite quarterbacks don't fluctuate wildly week to week in their play or in their emotional reactions to things. There's something called-- in life, there's something called Newton's Law. You've heard of Newton's Law. That's whatever goes up must come down.

Cam Newton's Law is, I'm going to go up and down, fluctuate wildly, and it's anybody's guess which one of me will show up on Sunday. The only dependable thing with Cam has always been his post-game wardrobe, which-- I'm not going to lie-- he has taken it to a completely different level this year, and he looks fantastic. He is without doubt the best-dressed football player in America, and I don't think there is a second place.

But last night didn't validate anything. It actually proved why I pick Carolina to win the division. They've got really good players all over the place. And it also proved what I've always said about Cam. He could give you this 14 weeks a year.

Instead, he gives it to you about five. Great people don't fluctuate. Great attorneys, great doctors don't fluctuate. They bring a certain standard every game. That's my knock on Cam.