Colin Cowherd: ‘Iowa is no longer the Fake ID of college football’

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Colin Cowherd explains why Iowa's big win over Ohio State this weekend makes them no longer the Fake ID of college football.

- Yeah, my national championship college pick Ohio State went up in flames. You know, JT Barrett does this to me. I fall in love with this kid every year, and he has two or three great games. And then he just goes and throws a bunch of picks. Their secondary-- in the last 10 games, Ohio State has been blown out three times, and their secondary, in each occasion, is weak.

Let's just give Iowa some credit. You know, obviously, Ohio State off that Penn State win was a little flat. Iowa offensively was fantastic. Nate Stanley, their quarterback, was amazing. This is not all on Ohio State.

You got to give Iowa-- Iowa turned 21 Saturday. They are no longer the fake ID of college football. I am taking applications for the next fake ID of college football. It appears Washington, Wisconsin, and Miami all qualify.